“Business Proposal” Actor Kim Min Gue Shockingly Reveals He Trained To Be An Idol Alongside SEVENTEEN

Yet, it seems as if acting was his true calling!

Even though it’s been a few months since the end of the popular K-Drama Business Proposal, it seems like the hype of the show is far from over as the stars continue to gain attention from the public. One person who never fails to make netizens swoon is Kim Min Gue (also stylized as Kim Min Kyu).

Kim Min Gue | @ellekorea/Instagram

In the show, he played Cha Sung Hoon, the charming and sexy secretary…

Kim Min Gue in “Business Proposal” | SBS

And he’s also showcased his duality after playing Joo Gyeok Chan, a North Korean agent prone to violence, in the JTBC K-Drama Snowdrop.

Kim Min Gue in “Snowdrop” | Happy Tribe Entertainment

If that wasn’t enough, the actor has also proven that he’s an amazing singer, appearing on the popular show I Can See Your Voice. Celebrities have to eliminate bad singers from the group without ever hearing them sing.

Even back then, Kim Min Gue proved he was a man of all talents with his soft and delicate voice.

Well, it seems like all of this talent didn’t come from out of the blue and Kim Min Gue actually could’ve gone a very different path in his career… as an idol!

The Business Proposal actor recently appeared on an episode of Radio Star where he chatted about everything from the surprising success of the series, TMI from behind-the-scenes filming, and much more.

In particular, he spoke about his singing ability and how, when he was on I Can Hear Your Voice, he was so nervous that he actually wanted to pretend that he was tone-deaf, especially as the professional singers started to get eliminated.

Kim Min Gue also revealed that before his appearance, he was actually on the singing audition program Superstar K. He gained attention for handing out t-shirts and, although he didn’t sing, he got to meet some people who turned out to be superstars, including BOL4.

When the show was being filmed, one of the hosts actually asked Kim Min Gue if he had an agency (to train with).

Although he isn’t a singer now, the actor then revealed that he had actually trained to be an idol at one point in his career, even if it was for only a short time and it was to be in an idol group.

Kim Min Gue then revealed that he trained with members of a certain group and, even though he wasn’t sure if he was going to debut with them, he spent a month working hard… and it was none other than SEVENTEEN!

I don’t know if it’s that group, but I trained with some people… SEVENTEEN.

— Kim Min Gue

When he was asked whether he would’ve been an addition to the team, Kim Min Gue honestly answered, “I don’t know about that,” and revealed that he actually only trained for about a month before quitting.

I’m not good enough to be a singer, and I’m terrible at dancing. I had a strong desire to act.

— Kim Min Gue

Although he eventually gave up the desire to be an idol, it might have been one of the best decisions he made. Kim Min Gue definitely would’ve been an amazing fit in SEVENTEEN, but there was never a guarantee that he would’ve made it to the final lineup.

You can read more about Kim Min Gue below.

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