Choi Jong Hoon Sheds Tears As He Stands As A Witness In Seungri’s “Burning Sun” Trial

He refutes his past claims and sets the record straight.

On April 29, former F.T. Island member Choi Jong Hoon made an appearance as a witness at Seungri‘s latest Burning Sun trial. Choi Jong Hoon, who is one of the members of the Burning Sun’s infamous molka (hidden camera) chatroom, took the stand as a witness regarding Seungri’s gang related aggravated assault case.

Choi Jong Hoon | Hankyung

Previously, Seungri was accused of having gang affiliation after CCTV footage was presented as evidence during one of his trials. According to the footage, alleged gang members showed up to a club on Seungri’s call following an altercation that broke out in Seungri’s VIP room. The former boy group member is accused of not just the gang affiliation, but also for inciting the aggravated assault utilizing the gang members.

Seungri | JoongAng Daily

Choi Jong Hoon was brought forward during the trial on April 29 to take the stand as a witness for the incident. Choi Jong Hoon was present at the scene of the altercation and had been previously questioned by the police. During his initial interrogation, Choi Jong Hoon referred to the men who came to the altercation as “gangsters,” but during the April 29 trial, he refuted his previous statements by claiming that it was all his own assumptions.

While it is true that the two of them were calling for someone, Seungri and Yoo In Suk never used the term ‘gangster.’ When they shared that they would be calling someone, I just assumed ‘gangster’ on my own. During my initial interrogation, the police also used the term ‘gangster,’ which is also why I used that term.

— Choi Jong Hoon

The former F.T. Island member also shared that during his initial interrogation, the police had informed him that gang members were present at the scene of the altercation, to which Choi Jong Hoon claimed he had no recollection of.

The police told me that gang members were at the scene, but I wasn’t aware of their presence. I would remember if gangsters showed up, but I don’t recall them being there because it was just a normal drinking party.

— Choi Jong Hoon

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What Choi Jong Hoon claimed were personal assumptions were turned into factual evidence in official police records. Due to this, it was reported that during his concluding witness statements, Choi Jong Hoon relayed his deepest regrets and apologies to Seungri.

The interrogation took over 12 hours and I just wanted it to be over as quick as possible. I wanted to avoid it. I realized I shouldn’t have made those (gangster) assumptions after it was over and I regretted it deeply. I didn’t check the record thoroughly at the time because I wanted the interrogation to finish quickly. I’m sorry this all happened to the defendant (Seungri.)

— Choi Jong Hoon

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Choi Jong Hoon is currently serving his two-year prison sentence for his involvement in a gang rape that involved five other people, including Jung Joon Young.

Source: Naver News