CL Is Worth Celebrating In Women’s History Month YouTube Video

Google’s “First of Many” honors notable firsts made by women.

CL made an appearance in Google’s “First of Many,” which celebrates Women’s History Month.

The YouTube video focuses on the remarkable accomplishments made by women in different fields. Google stated that the past year saw “the first woman” being searched for more than ever before. The video pays homage to the incredible women who appear through such searches.

In honor of #WomensHistoryMonth​, we’re celebrating some of the most notable firsts by women and the many they inspire, from the first woman to break the sound barrier to all of those continuing to break the glass ceiling.

– Google

At the 0:34 mark, CL appears, as a voice recognizes women for bringing an energy to rap that did not exist before.

The CL Official Channel commented on the video with the singer’s standard cherry emoji, and CL also took to Instagram to share the video and to express that she feels honored to be included in it.

Take a look at the fabulous women featured below!

Source: YouTube