CL Leaves YG Entertainment After Failing To Agree On Terms For New Contract

She has left YG Entertainment.

CL has reportedly left YG Entertainment after the two parties failed to agree on terms for a new contract.

According to an exclusive report from Sports Today, the two parties were in discussions on a potential new contract, but failed to agree on terms in the end, marking the departure of CL from YG Entertainment.

Since 2NE1‘s disbandment and her re-signing with YG Entertainment in 2016, CL has been working as a soloist, and even released an album in the United States. She also made appearances on television shows MIXNINE and Livin’ The Double Life, but has not released any music in 2 years. The last release she had through YG Entertainment was 2NE1’s final song “Goodbye”.

Last year, CL left a reply to a comment from a fan that hinted at her possible departure from YG Entertainment.

For Some Reason, Fans Think This Simple Comment Means CL Has Left YG

She also called out Yang Hyun Suk for ignoring her text messages.

CL Calls Out Yang Hyun Suk For Ignoring Her Text Messages

Source: Sports Today
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