Comedian Kwon Hyuk Soo’s Latest Instagram Stories Help ASTRO Fans Cope With Moonbin’s Passing

The two became close friends after appearing on “The Ultimate Watchlist of Latest Trends” together.

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This article includes descriptions of suicide or self harm that may disturb some readers.

Comedian Kwon Hyuk Soo (also known as Kwun Hyuk Soo) and ASTRO‘s Moonbin became close friends after the two appeared on XtvN‘s The Ultimate Watchlist of Latest Trends together for two seasons.

Cast of “The Ultimate Watchlist of Latest Trends,” including comedian Kwon Hyuk Soo (second from left, bottom) and ASTRO’s Moonbin (second from right, bottom). | XtvN

Following the news of Moonbin’s tragic passing on April 19, the comedian has been mourning—and grieving AROHAs have since found his Instagram updates to be helpful.

I love you so much… And I’m sorry. I’m grateful, and I miss you… I hope you aren’t in pain anymore. Rest in peace…

— Kwon Hyuk Soo

His latest update via Instagram Stories didn’t have much text…

| @kwunhyuksoo/Instagram

Goodbye, Bin…

— Kwon Hyuk Soo

…but it did show the comedian’s face swollen and making a sad, but inevitably comic expression.

| @kwunhyuksoo/Instagram

While at first, the post could seem questionable, fans came to the understanding that the comedian is using humor—one that Moonbin loved—to remember the late idol and help himself and others through the loss.

ASTRO’s Moonbin | @moon_ko_ng/Instagram

Some fans even quoted a recent post from The Ultimate Watchlist of Latest Trends producer’s Instagram and pointed out that the late idol might have asked for nothing less from his friends.

“The Ultimate Watchlist of Latest Trends” Producer Kang Na Rae’s Instagram post | @aile____/Instagram

3. For the past three days, all I could say was, “No way,” “Damn you,” and “This is so annoying!”

4. I didn’t know what else to do. So I got up, ready to curse you out. Even your friends told me I should. So I walked up to you, with a whole lot of things to say. But I could only tell you to be at peace. Magical, huh? I tried twice more, and both times, I couldn’t actually get myself to say anything else. What have you done to me?

5. I’ve been looking at your picture for so long that your smile is etched in my memory. I see it everywhere, like a shadow. I don’t even know why that picture was chosen. You have the brightest smile in it. And as soon as I saw it, I was broken all over again.

6. We would cry. But we would remember what you told us and we’d be reminded to keep that promise. So we made some weird faces—kind of like Lee Kwang Soo’s [sad-happy] face. Hope you had a good laugh watching us.

7. Of course, you’d make us laugh through this goodbye. We couldn’t contain ourselves bursting into laughter. You silly goose.

8. You know what was also funny? Hyuk Soo and I cried so much that your mom and your friends had to help us. Geez. You knew we’d be the biggest cry babies. Huh? I bet you were baffled by us, too.

— Producer Kang Na Rae

Online communities, like theqoo and Nate Pann, have shown the comedian love and support for the posts that highlight his inseparable and irreplaceable friendship with Moonbin…

| theqoo
  • “Sigh… He thought about his friends even as he was leaving. He was such a good person. To the point it was bad. I guess I’ll have to remember him like that. I hope he’s at peace now.”
  • “Rest in peace.”
  • “This is making me bawl. WHY…! Damn it…”
  • “He must have been such a good, kind soul. That must have made things difficult for him.”
  • “This breaks me. I’m heartbroken. But I hope he found happiness. I want nothing more than for him to rest in peace.”
  • “These Instagram posts make me want to believe that he’s gone on a long trip… I wish he’s happier wherever he is.”

…comforting AROHAs and helping them remember the idol for the kind and bright spirit that he is.

| theqoo
  • “Thanks to Moonbin, my loved ones and I were able to keep laughing. Now, I hope he’s at peace and doing things that make him laugh.”
  • “I’ve never cried at a celeb death until now… Maybe it’s because he and I were the same age. But this makes me so sad. He had such a beautiful smile… I hope he found peace now.”
  • “I wasn’t an ASTRO fan, but I’ve always thought Moonbin was an amazing person. My heart has been shattered to pieces ever since I heard the news. To think that he was worried about his friends… I’m going to remember him for a long time. Rest in peace.”
  • “He must have wanted his friends to not be so sad… What a kind, loving soul he had been. This is heartbreaking.”
  • “His friends must be keeping things light and humorous to keep their promises to Moonbin, bidding him farewell without being too sad… I’m devastated. When I think of Moonbin, I remember his huge smile. So it hurts even more. Don’t worry about your friends, Moonbin. I hope you rest in peace.”

Read more about Moonbin’s heart of gold here.

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Source: Star News and theqoo


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