Jae Addresses His Recent Controversial Remarks

He explained the whole situation and what he’s doing to change.

Recently, Jae (also known as eaJ) has been in a couple of controversies since the announcement of his DAY6 hiatus and departure from JYP Entertainment.

Hello My Day.

I am sincerely grateful for everyone who has been with DAY6 and me. For the past six years, I have had a very happy time and made memories that will last forever with me. I have had a lot of thoughts and ideas, and put in a lot of work, but I am still lacking in many ways, so I can’t stay where I am right now.

After discussing with JYP, I am sorry to tell you that we have made the decision for me to take a break from DAY6’s activities for the time being. I will cherish the memories, from the sweat and journeys together to the crying and rejoice that we felt for the past six years. and will return more improved. This has been DAY6’s Jae.

Thank you!

— Jae

Jae | eaJParkOfficial/Twitch

About a week after that, Jae made a distasteful comment about JAMIE during one of his Twitch live streams. He has since apologized to both MyDays (fans of DAY6) and JAMIE personally. According to JAMIE, the two have also “talked it out.”

Still, he continued to address the entire situation in a new Twitch stream. Jae recounted the backlash he received after making the hurtful remark towards JAMIE and how he realized how badly it affected her.

I realized I f*cked up when I called my friend and she picked up crying. That’s when it really hit, and I don’t want… I didn’t want to be a person that makes their friends feel like that.

— Jae

He explained that he didn’t think much of it when he first said it. Yet, he recognizes now that he should have been “aware” of the word’s negative connotations, considering how badly his friend reacted to it.

To be honest, at that moment in time, I didn’t realize how big of a thing I had done to her because by saying that, it wasn’t just a joke at that point… It was something that I wasn’t aware of at the time because I’m her friend, I should have been more aware also. In the connotation, I should have been. I really, really hurt her.

— Jae

Additionally, there has been controversy surrounding an allegedly homophobic remark Jae made during another Twitch stream. He began to say it didn’t matter “who you f*ck” but cut himself off to say, “I can’t say that; I’m a Christian.” At the time, he didn’t mean he didn’t support LGBTQIA+ but instead was trying to refrain from cursing as he attempted to keep his channel relatively PG. Of course, now, he does curse frequently.

Jae was genuinely shocked and confused about it when it was brought up. He asked, “What are you talking about? How is that a sin?” 

I’ve been an advocate. Love is love no matter who it is.

— Jae

Jae said that he received a call from his parents. They informed him that JAMIE’s parents had called them, and they apologized to her parents on Jae’s behalf.

It got to a point where my parents called me, and my parents told me, ‘Yo, Jamie’s parents just called.’ They were crying as well. And then I thought again, ‘How did I get here?’ …Honestly, I feel like I have done a lot to hurt a lot of people, and if they want to come and say their piece, then I accept that.

— Jae

Jae confessed that at first, he thought that he was just having a “pity party” as he was used to haters on the internet. However, the incident with JAMIE gave him a “wake-up call.” 

I slowly started to realize that I had made a problem … and that it’s not just the internet …

— Jae

A viewer asked if “leaving JYP had made you lash out on her somehow?” Jae explained, “It wasn’t ever meant to be hateful. It was never meant to be a diss at her.” However, he said that gaining “freedom” after so long of being filtered made him say things without thinking.

I took an illusion of freedom as being able to not just say what’s on my mind but say things that weren’t even on my mind, just say things out of f*cking thin air without thinking.

— Jae

Jae added that after speaking with Jamie, he also spoke to several friends. For twelve hours, he educated himself and gained more understanding of the severity of the situation as he heard from others, hearing perspectives from those who could also empathize with Jamie.

That situation should not have occurred under any circumstance. It really shouldn’t have.

— Jae

Jae realizes that he has made a habit of saying things without thinking about it first. So, he said he would try to do better in the future.

I realized you need to watch your mouth … because it’s just … the thought of freedom I’ve been chasing after for so long was finally here, and I decided to take it and run with it, and I didn’t know … how to handle myself. I didn’t know how to be a person…

— Jae

He said that not only did he call Jamie, and they spoke over the phone, but he ended up visiting her house too and sat down to “talk it out.” They are now reconciled and are on good terms again.

She saw the whole video, and she got it. It was a joke. But… At that point, I just stayed with the apology because I felt that I had understood why she felt that way in the moment, whether it was a joke or not, it was uncalled for, it was stupid, it was dumb, it was unnecessary…

— Jae

Jae concluded this part of the Twitch stream by saying that he has now viewed the situation as a needed “learning experience” for himself. Through this, he has gained other views and also retracted words(s) from his vocabulary.

I think I needed this learning experience. Of course, I would never do it again. Of course, if I could go back, I would take it back.

— Jae

Jae | eaJParkOfficial/Twitch

Jae apologized to both Jamie and anyone who was hurt by his comments. He understands that not everyone, including MyDays, may be able to forgive him at this time. Jae also implied that he would go back to therapy.

Source: @rosicub_ and eaJParkOfficial

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