JAMIE Shares That She And Jae Have Talked It Out, And He Personally Apologized To Her For His Comments

They spoke face to face, and have cleared everything out between them.

JAMIE reveals that she and Jae have talked about his previous remarks made about her during a Twitch live stream, and have come to an understanding.

Jamie | @jiminxjamie/Instagram

Previously, a clip of Jae calling JAMIE a “thot” went viral on social media, and fans began to call him out about the use of the word, especially towards someone he has a long history with and considers a friend.

Jae | JYP Entertainment

Jae shared personal apologies twice, and JAMIE recently took to her Twitter to announce that after meeting him face to face and sharing all her grievances about his comments, the two have cleared the air between them.

She then said that she talked to him and is looking out for him as a friend, and shared that he felt terrible about everything that went down.

JAMIE also extended an apology from Jae to other fans who were hurt and offended by his words, and also said that he promises to “never make a mistake or even a joke about something that is very serious” again.

She ends the thread with a jab that’s classically JAMIE, showing that they’re good now!

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