Does “Doona!” Actually Have A Happy Ending? Netizens Think That The Two Main Characters Most Definitely Got Back Together

Which is the true ending?

The ending of Doona! left many viewers feeling bittersweet. As Doona’s career rises and she returns to the entertainment industry, her phone is taken from her and she does not have any contact with the outside industry. Doona finally manages to meet with her boyfriend, Won Jun. As the two sit stoically at a restaurant, Won Jun breaks up with her.

Later, Doona knocks on his door and confronts him tearfully. She gets him to admit that he regrets breaking up with her. The ending is ambiguous, as we don’t see them talk again after the confrontation.

Doona and Won Jun hugging in tears during the confrontation.

The scene is followed by a glimpse into their current lives. Doona lives the life in spotlight, adored by many. Won Jun finally gets a job. In the credits, we see that the two are leading successful lives. On a business trip, Won Jun crosses paths with Doona but they do not say hi. He quickly leads his superior down the opposite path. A small grimace and sigh is the only clue we have that he saw Doona.

On the other hand, Doona turns at Wonjun’s voice. She doesn’t react and looks away quickly.

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This ending didn’t satisfy the viewers rooting for the couple. It seemed to indicate that they had gone their separate ways, not bothering to greet each other even in passing. On the other hand, other more hopeful viewers think differently. At the start of the last episode, we see the two travel in Japan to meet up in a pink field.

Although Suzy is in different clothing, Wonjun wears the same jacket and suit that he does in the ending scene with his superior.

Fans wonder if the opening scene was a sneak peek of the two’s secret rendezvous in Japan. As Doona is a huge star, they only can meet in secret. On the other hand, this opening scene could also easily just be a daydream or imaginative scene, given how they are joined by all their friends from the guesthouse. Is this the true intended ending, or just a hopeful glimpse into what could have been?

Fans are sure that the opening scene was hinting at the two’s secret relationship.

There was also meant to be a sweet kiss for the two in the pink field. This was later cut out of broadcast.

Whatever the director’s intention was, we’re rooting for the two too!