ELLE Korea Magazine Excludes Irene From A Red Velvet Post On Instagram, Edits After Heavy Backlash Ensues

The post has since sparked a heated debate online.

Via its latest Instagram update, the South Korean fashion magazine ELLE Korea promoted the return of Red Velvet—who dropped their 6th mini album rightfully titled “Queendom”—with an interview of Red Velvet’s hairstylist and make-up artist.

Red Velvet | @redvelvet.smtown/Instagram

The original upload, however, excluded member Irene from the promotion. While sharing pictures of Red Velvet taken from the members’ individual Instagram feeds, ELLE Korea initially did not include Irene’s. The tags also left out Irene’s handle @renebaebae. The group photo from @redvelvet.smtown had been the only one that captured Irene as part of the post.

The caption from the initial post excluding Irene’s @renebaebae Instagram tag. | @ellekorea/Instagram

The magazine’s decision to post without Irene immediately raised questions and backlash from Red Velvet fans. After some criticism over how  ELLE Korea “intentionally rejected Irene,” the magazine deleted the original post and re-uploaded a version that included Irene’s individual picture and tag.

The new post including Irene’s picture. | @ellekorea/Instagram

#ELLEViewFinder Red Velvet is back with a new song, “Queendom!” Curious about their hair and make-up in the music video? ELLE Korea interviewed Soonsoo Salon’s director Shin Kyung Mi, who was in charge of the make-up styling, as well as manager Yoon Seo Ha who was in charge of the hairstyling. Check out the tips and behind-the-scenes stories about the looks in Red Velvet’s MV on elle.co.kr.

Photo @_imyour_joy @renebaebae @yerimiese @hi_sseulgi @todayis_wendy @redvelvet.smtown

Digital Editor Song Ye In

— ELLE Korea

The response remains heavily divided over ELLE Korea’s action. Some believe the fashion magazine industry remains hostile toward Red Velvet’s Irene, as her controversy from October 2020—which led to her prolonged social media hiatus which ended only a couple of days ago—came directly from a stylist-editor in the industry.

| theqoo
  • “Let’s be real here, Irene is the one who had been unprofessional first. Was it professional of her to bully a stylist trying to help her?”
  • “Deserved though. I still can’t believe she had attitude issues… at 30 years old.”
  • “Don’t tell me she expected to be absolutely adored by everyone again…?”
  • “SM Entertainment is keeping its mouth shut for a reason, LOL. Remember that she pulled what she pulled on a stylist in the fashion magazine industry. If the industry wants to be hostile toward her about it, that’s fine. There is nothing we can do about it.”
  • “Should have thought twice before b*tching at the stylist, huh? If she’s going to be shameless and return to the industry, then she’s going to have to put up with stuff like this. It’s karma, after all.”
  • “She brought this on herself.”
  • “Oh, hmm. Stan ELLE Korea, standing up for the people in its industry.”

On the other hand, some believe this is completely unprofessional of the magazine—whether it had an honest mistake or on purpose. In fact, some say that if the exclusion had been intentional, then it is blatant “retaliation” which is uncalled for and childish.

| @ellekorea/Instagram

ELLE Korea has not yet explained itself in the face of the heated debate online.

Watch Red Velvet’s “Queendom ” performance here:

Source: WikiTree and THEQOO

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