ENHYPEN Can’t Stop Spoiling Their Upcoming Comeback — And ENGENEs Are Loving It

So many accidents. 😂

The members of ENHYPEN have limitless talents…including using every chance possible to spoil their future comebacks!

| Naver

There’s Ni-ki, who once gave a spoiler for their previous comeback, “Fever,” that was identical to the choreography fans saw months later!

There’s also Heeseung who was nicknamed a spoiler king and tried to tip fans off with…whatever is going on during this live broadcast with Sunghoon.

Even Sunoo had his fair share of spoiling choreography before “Drunk-Dazed” was released!

However, a few specific members have become the spoiler kings for their upcoming comeback. During a live broadcast, Ni-ki couldn’t help but do a dance and Heeseung immediately put a stop to it.

The two tried to play it off and laughed awkwardly, but fans know better!

Further confirmation came from the newest spoiler king, Jake! When looking back, fans noticed the same head and shoulder movements during a different broadcast, leading them to believe it will appear in upcoming choreography.

ENHYPEN isn’t the best at keeping secrets, but ENGENEs don’t mind — It just makes them even more excited for what’s to come!