ENHYPEN Ni-Ki’s “Full Circle” Moment With BTS Jimin Goes Viral

“Never gonna shut up about Jimin and Ni-Ki on a single frame dancing !!!!”

ENHYPEN‘s Ni-Ki has always astounded fans with his immense dancing skill.

One of his dance covers that fans find the most iconic is his impeccable cover of BTS Jimin‘s song “Lie.”

Although Ni-Ki shared with fans just how challenging the cover was…

It was really hard, to be honest. Also I practiced for about three days. I think it was a good experience.

— Ni-Ki

Fans were in awe of his tremendous skill, which gave them goosebumps.

And now Ni-Ki’s admiration for Jimin seems to have come full circle as the two finally collaborated for Jimin’s “Like Crazy” challenge.

ENHYPEN’s Ni-Ki and BTS’s Jimin | @bts_official_bighit/TikTok 
| @bts_official_bighit/TikTok 
| @bts_official_bighit/TikTok 

세상 치명적으로 춤춰놓고, 서로 수줍은 말랑 망개떡과 아기 물만두의 조합 😳🤝😊 #LikeCrazy #지민 #Jimin #Jimin_FACE #NI_KI #니키 #ENHYPEN #엔하이픈 @enhypen

♬ Like Crazy – Jimin

Fans had been highly anticipating the cover since all the ENHYPEN members have been filming challenge videos to promote BTS’s solo releases.

And the final product didn’t disappoint, as fans were in awe of Jimin and Ni-Ki’s undeniable skills.

The duo’s power caused the TikTok to quickly go viral.

And fans felt especially endeared by Jimin’s sweet caption.

Hopefully fans will be able to see the two phenomenal dancers perform together again in the future.

You can watch Ni-Ki’s cover of “Lie” here.

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