Eric Nam Wants To Be BTS’s 8th Member — Here’s What He Would Contribute To The Group

Here are the skills he would bring to BTS.

If BTS is looking for an 8th member, Eric Nam wants the job!

| @arirang_asc/Instagram

This talented soloist has been friends with BTS since his After School Club hosting days and their rookie ones. After cheering on BTS’s music journey for many years, is he ready to be one of them?

In Episode 70 of The K-Pop Daebak Show, Eric Nam was asked who he would want to recruit if he could be part of a project group, co-ed group, or boy group. “How about you guys just put me into BTS?” he said, laughing. “I think that’s a great project group.” 

(FYI, this is the staff’s idea of Eric Nam as the 8th member.)

What could he bring to BTS that they don’t already have? Eric Nam didn’t hesitate to say, “age.” At age 31, he would be the eldest member, and 27-year-old Jin would finally be free to join the maknae line, officially.

In addition to the wisdom of his years, Eric Nam could use his native English skills to support RM in interviews.

Unfortunately, he would have to compete with V‘s dog Yeontan to score the 8th spot!