Here Is What Everyone Is Saying About TXT’s First Member

BigHit unveiled their new boy group’s first member, and here’s what everyone thinks.

Yeonjun, the first member of BigHit’s new group Tomorrow X Together (TXT) has been revealed and fans are already going crazy over his strong visual game.

We don’t know if Yeonjun will be the group’s designated visual but even if he isn’t, fans certainly think he’s very handsome.

His eyes, in particular, seem to be catching the attention of fans. When discussing his visuals, fans always point out his eyes and the bridge in his nose as the reasons why his visuals are so strong.

Fans are raving about the good looks and the charm of the young idol, many people are curious whether he will be the group’s visual or if he will occupy a different position.

“This kid is seriously gorgeous”
“My first thought is that he must be the visual”
“He has such pretty eyes”
“So he’s the first one, such a cutie”
“Yeonjun’s visual is so f*cking powerful”

Here is everything we know about TXT’s first member Yeonjun so far:

Here’s Everything We Know About TXT’s Yeonjun, So Far

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