EXID Personally Handled The Business Side Of Their Comeback—Here’s What Each Member Was In Charge Of

Idols rarely do what they did.

K-Pop fans typically only see the fun side of comebacks: the tracks, the music video, the choreography, and the outfits. However, behind everything is the business side that cannot be neglected. Without the practical parts, there would be no K-Pop.

Girl group EXID recently made their long-awaited comeback with the charismatic song “FIRE,” and they talked all about it in a recent episode of Weekly Idol.

EXID | @ahnanihh/Instagram

It turns out they were so hands-on, they even handled the business side, which is something most K-Pop idols never do! Here’s what each member was in charge of, in Hani‘s own words.

Hani | @ahnanihh/Instagram

1. Hyelin

First, Hyelin was the one who made everything possible. Since the members are all signed under different agencies, she took it upon herself to find new ones for the group.

All of us are under different agencies. We had to find a new agency together and take charge of different parts. She was the one who hooked us up. Well, she found different agencies and helped us meet with different agencies. She used her connections.

— Hani

2. Solji

Next, Solji’s leadership skills were put to good use because she helped the group make decisions during meetings. Her decisive personality shone through!

And as you know, Solji is like this, so when we had meetings, she was the decision maker.

— Hani

3. Jeonghwa

Hani then explained that maknae Jeonghwa acted like their secretary during meetings. She didn’t forget to take notes and write down everything that was discussed so that they could easily refer to them again in a later date.

Jeonghwa was like a clerk. She took notes and made meeting minutes.

— Hani

4. LE

Describing rapper LE as their “musical control tower,” Hani explained that she was in charge of directing their songs.

Elly was the artist and repertoire director. She was the control tower of our music.

— Hani

5. Hani

Finally, Hani herself did something extremely important—she applied for their trademark rights! Because it’s directly related to the money they’ll earn from “FIRE,” her members even called it the “critical part.”

I worked to get our trademark rights. I called some places up.

— Hani

From talented performers to mature business women, EXID is truly what you would call a well-rounded group! They can do anything they put their minds to.

| @ahnanihh/Instagram

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