EXO’s Sehun Reveals What Some Of His Biggest Concerns Are Before Performing On Stage

Even the best get nervous.

EXO‘s Sehun recently graced everyone with his stunning pictorial with Esquire Korea! In addition to the gorgeous pictures, Sehun also participated in an accompanying interview where he discussed “Don’t Fight the Feeling” and performing.

EXO release their hit “Don’t Fight the Feeling” last month and it, of course, is incredibly successful! In his interview with Esquire, Sehun expressed how satisfied he is with the comeback’s achievements.

Actually, I feel really good. It was our first comeback in a while, and we couldn’t do various activities in a variety of fields due to various circumstances, but I felt, ‘The fans still love us.’

— Sehun

Furthermore, Sehun expressed how the numbers really made them see how much the fans love their music and that it’s thanks to them that they achieved so much.

While seeing the records, the members felt touched and said, ‘This is really true love from the fans.’ The reaction to this album can only be conveyed as the love from the fans.

— Sehun

While performing is what he lives for, Sehun shared that performing can be stressful as each stage is different.

Every stage is different from the previous one. For example, sometimes it’s a hexagon, sometimes it’s a triangle.

— Sehun

Another factor that makes Sehun a bit anxious is how small changes can be made right before they get on stage. With so many members, Sehun expressed that memorizing the positions among so many members can be, understandably, stressful.

There are so many members. Since we all balance the positions so that all the members can get closer to the fans, merely memorizing the positions is really nerve-wracking.

— Sehun

Even if the group is doing the same performance the next day, Sehun shared that small changes can be made right before they step on stage. Of course, that would make anyone anxious.

I’m definitely tense for every performance, and even if it’s the same concert, there are moments when I get more nervous after completing the first day’s concert. The formation and details in the choreography can sometimes change from the first day to the second.

— Sehun

Source: Esquire Korea