EXO’s Suho Denies Rumors He Is The Idol Who Stole 300 Pairs Of Shoes Worth ₩100 Million KRW

Suho is not involved in this case.

SM Entertainment has denied rumors that EXO‘s Suho is the idol who stole 300 pairs of shoes worth ₩100 million KRW (about $77,000 USD) from a stylist and promised legal action.

Earlier this week, a stylist posted on their Instagram account about an idol who needs to give them back their shoes.

Send them all back without leaving any out. I’m sick of this. What’s the reason you aren’t giving them back?

Spend your own money to wear the shoes.

— Stylist

The stylist then posted a picture of Nike shoes at various price points, revealing that around 300 pairs of shoes were taken from them.

Besides these in the picture, there are over 300 pairs of shoes missing.

Stop pretending that you are a nice person, stop bullshitting, learn how to be a human.

Get rid of your beggar tendencies.

— Stylist

The stylist also threatened to call out the idol by name if they did not clean up their act.

I’ve been organizing this for a few days and you’ve seriously taken a lot. There’s a lot of things you want but you have no common sense. It’s already been 6 months since I’ve asked for them back but when will you actually give them back?

I don’t like writing on Instagram like this either but if you don’t give them back I will reveal your name.

Stop living the life of a liar and get some common sense. Stop contacting the people around me. Spend some money on the things you need. The rich should spend some of their money, I’m speechless.

— Stylist

Following the revelations from the stylist, some netizens pointed at EXO’s Suho as the idol who has stolen the shoes, as he has an extensive shoe collection. However, SM Entertainment came out to say that Suho is not involved in this situation at all and will take legal action against those accusing him.

The posts that are spreading online that are pointing out Suho are completely groundless in relation to him. The idea of this relating to Suho is false information, it has nothing to do with him.

We are preparing to file a complaint for defamation through the spread of false information through our legal representatives and we will also take legal action to the spreading of rumors related to this.

— SM Entertainment

Source: TheQoo and Newsen