Former AOA Member Kwon Mina Claims The Other AOA Members Wanted Jimin Kicked Out And Lied About Apologizing

She claims Jimin is lying about her apology.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of bullying and suicide or self harm that may disturb some readers.

Former AOA member Kwon Mina has released another series of posts, targeting Jimin again after previously urging Jimin to contact her and calling Jimin out for “playing the victim.”

In her post, Kwon Mina began by sharing an incident that Jimin caused. She, however, claims that all the blame was pinned on her. Following the incident, even the agency blamed her, not Jimin.

By the way, your fans call me the perpetrator. Just because I’m the victim doesn’t mean I have to keep my mouth shut, does it? Even the worst of school violence, from elementary through middle and high school, would last for 9 years. You guys haven’t been through this, so you’re sick and tired of my endless posts. And because I made your favorite human — if you can call her human — disappear from the scene, you resent me. From the way they react, I see your fans are exactly like you. They’re saying I shouldn’t cry because that would be a nuisance. If I cry, it makes people uncomfortable and so it’s wrong. But when you cry, it’s completely fine. How do you think I felt when I found out from my sister that that my dad looked for me and cried for me? It was too late. I’ve never seen my dad cry in my life.

Oh and about the whole hairline procedure thing that you all are so curious about… I mean, Shin Jimin got that done too, so she knows all about it. But I lost some hair to stress, so I’ve gotten the procedure over my bald spot before. And when I was a trainee, the agency told me to remove all of my baby hair. I don’t know why I had to, but I got it done. So my baby hair was gone and my forehead looked bigger.

Anyway, from my previous experience, I knew I would be able to practice right after the procedure. So I booked an appointment super early and went in as early as I could. But that day, the numbing didn’t really work. So maybe they used a little more numbing stuff than usual. I couldn’t see well even after the procedure. I started feeling dizzy too. It’s true that I didn’t prepare for an emergency like this. And that’s actually my fault. So I called you, Jimin, to explain the whole situation. But as soon as you pointed the blame at me, I clearly knew what would happen. I knew you would hold this over my head forever. I cried and went back to the dorm and that night, I took hundreds of sleeping pills. Yes, it was my fault that I got myself into that situation. But as someone who got scolded and picked on for literally everything, I felt like the suffering would be too much. I wanted to end it all.

No one cared that I was bullied for 10 years. Starting with the hairline incident, everyone — including the agency staff — put the blame on me. Again, I know I also made a mistake. I got unlucky. I should have reflected on it and I admitted that. But what about Jimin? How come no one in the agency listened to me about that issue? I really wanted to renew my contract to pursue my dream, so I kept this all to myself.

— Kwon Mina

Kwon Mina also shared how, during the time she considered re-signing with FNC Entertainment, the other AOA members also suffered from Jimin’s actions. According to her, they even wanted Jimin removed from the group.

When I was 26, the AOA members and I thought about whether we should renew our contracts because of [Jimin]. But in the end, I called them out as bystanders to what was happening because you all had been pretending to hate her. Why did you act like you hated Jimin, why did you talk behind her back with me?

Kim Chanmi wanted to continue the group with me and have Jimin removed. Oh, how she talked and talked. Kim Seolhyun also thought Jimin was too bossy. Yuna also had a very difficult time because of her, so I was able to sympathize with her. Hyejeong personally watched how much I suffered.

Anyway, you did all side with me at one point. You all asked why I should quit when I didn’t do anything wrong. You said if things got too tough, then I can just focus on myself. We even got together over drinks and tried to figure out why Jimin hated me so much. Remember?

I didn’t expect it, but you all treated me like you guys were on my side. Maybe for some of you, it was part of the business you signed up to do and for others, it was genuine. But you are the ones who clearly saw me suffer. You asked me if you guys could bring Jimin to me to sincerely apologize.

But you knew Jimin wasn’t sincere, anyone could hear it in her voice. Did you really think it would turn out any differently? And did none of you seriously not know that team leader Yunho or Hyerim would come? If you had given me a heads-up about who was coming, I wouldn’t have sat around in a slip gown for the big talk.

And when I spoke the truth, when Jimin said she didn’t remember or it didn’t happen, none of you spoke up for me. My friend was the only one who told me to pull myself together and demand the apology and the only one who asked Jimin why she apparently doesn’t remember anything.

— Kwon Mina

She continued by sharing more events that happened within AOA, starting from her trainee days, that ultimately led her to want to give up on herself.

The youngest [Chanmi], who used to talk a lot of — maybe even the most — sh*t on Jimin, sat right next to Jimin. You asked me if I had any good memories. I don’t know if you were being dumb because you’re still young. But I asked you if you honestly thought I could have any. I didn’t know how to treat younger sisters, so when you guys would call me Mina (instead of unnie), scold me, try to give me advice, or nag me, I thought of it all as adorable. Even when you all tried to act tough in front of me, I thought it was cute and so I would let you win.

When Jimin walked out on me with that disgusted look on her face, you all went out chasing after her. But I thought you were on my side. I really thought you were sincere about that. Why did you even give me those expectations? I guess for you, it was always all business. I don’t know. It must have been a difference in the environments we grew up in. I mean, where I come from, we don’t suddenly start smiling at the person we said we clearly said we hated before.

It’s not because you all didn’t take my side. It’s not because you didn’t speak up for me. It’s because all of you got my hopes up with the way you talked and acted in front of me that I feel so hurt. Then, over time, you all thought I was the one who ruined AOA so you started getting in touch with me about it. But none of it was my fault.

Starting from when I was a trainee, to when I debuted, and to the middle of my career, I didn’t want to die. My mental health was also fine. And I thought that if I tried harder, things would get better one day. But then my wrist became bloodied, my eyes filled with tears, and my spirit broke. I was destroyed. If Shin Jimin hadn’t bullied me for 10 years… If only I hadn’t intervened to stop that one fight… Even now, when I read the KakaoTalk messages, I keep thinking, ‘Oh, right. This had been my fault. I did cause those wounds.’

At first, I would reply that I felt sorry too. But someone else is at fault for this. It’s not me. You all heard me talk about what I went through. You all criticized her actions with me, in front of me. But did any of you try to stop her? Or did any of you try to talk to me about it? Nope. You all hurt me so much, especially the members who I was more attached to. I realized things are really different here, compared to how people in Busan interact. You are all talk, you say nice things. But I will never know what you say behind my back when I’m not around.

I would try to say funny things and be the comedian of the group because I wanted to be the one brightening up the group… But I would always share the van with Jimin and Hyejeong. And whenever Jimin would look in the backseat, it would be to put me on the spot. Sometimes, she wouldn’t pick on me. But most of the time, I was the target. And I grew really tired of that. So after a while, I started to immediately take sleeping pills and tranquilizers as soon as I got on the group car. I had to, as that was the only way to endure it.

— Kwon Mina

She also apologized to her fans, stating that she couldn’t remember some of her performances due to all of the medications she was taking at the time. She then shared more details about Jimin’s torment towards her.

I’m really sorry to the fans, but… sometimes, even after I would finish a performance safely, I would not remember the performance. Or I would make a mistake while talking, or I would be expressionless. And when I made a mistake in the movement [for our choreography], I asked Yuna if she was okay, and apologized. Yuna said it was okay, but Shin Jimin apparently went off. I don’t remember exactly what she said because I was hazy with medicine. But from how she came back to admit that she was harsh, it must have been pretty bad.

You told me to stop taking pills, but Jimin, this is all because of you. I thought I was going to die of heartburn because of all the medicine I had to take. Besides, you’re allowed to do whatever but I’m never allowed to do anything. You would take sleeping pills too, you know. But you can’t remember anything when you take them. Once, you were cursing out your own best friend in front of the washing machine. So I told you that your friend has no choice and neither does the agency. I tried to remain neutral. You would even ask like, ‘Didn’t so-and-so change a bit?’ and I would say I don’t know. Then you would give off that mean vibe again. And that night, in front of the washing machine, after you started telling me about your personal life and cursing out your best friend, I got worried. So I told you something. But the next day, when you woke up, you had no memory of it. I even remember thinking, ‘Why are you telling me all this if you hate me so much?’ But I kept everything you said that day to myself for a long, long time.

— Kwon Mina

She finished her post by calling out Jimin once again. Kwon Mina called out Jimin’s failure at being a leader, as well as her falsified apology at the funeral hall following the passing of her father.

But it turned out that you talked a lot of sh*t about me too. It was impressive, honestly. You honestly talked behind all our backs. You didn’t know how to be a leader. You had no sense of responsibility. You cried at the salon, you cried at the dorm. You even cried after filming because it was too hard for you. You cried about malicious comments and ended up missing your own schedule. You didn’t want to go to music shows since you got into a fight. To me, you said everything on your mind, you did everything the way you wanted, and you put your anger out on whoever and whenever.

When your father passed away so dramatically, I decided to attend the funeral because I actually liked your father a lot. You came up to me crying and you apologized. I remember clearly. But for what? I thought you don’t remember anything. And I hadn’t said anything. I was there to support you through it, because I’ve already gone through that and I know how difficult it can be. I was there for a while, actually. People were surprised to see me there. Anyway, that day before I left, I told your sister to eat well and to give you some food too. We talked in tears.

But right before the contract renewal, you said ‘I don’t think I’m that much of a bad person to you.’ You denied what you did to me, giving me the coldest glare. And was it before or after you started asking for a knife? You said that you thought we made up at that funeral. It must be nice to have it that easy. I suffered a decade of your bullsh*t but I still showed up at your father’s funeral with no ill intention only so that I could share my condolences with you… unlike what you did when my father passed away. But make up? We didn’t even talk at the funeral. Do you mean when you said sorry in tears? Is that what you’re calling a make up? You don’t even know what you did wrong. But crying and apologizing is supposed to make it okay?

Ten years of bullying, twelve if you count the trauma I suffered after that. I’ve done nothing wrong, but I keep hurting my body and scarring myself. So you think you don’t have to meet up? You don’t think it will change anything?

I really want to meet up, just us two. It will change, if you’ll apologize. If you can’t apologize no matter what, then at least [listen to me]. Unless you’re a f*cking psychopath, I know you have some guilt in you. Jimin, I’m in so much pain because of you. But I won’t give up until we can finally sit down face to face. This is so unfair, I’m so ruined. This is wrong. I don’t want to any compensation. I just want to resolve some of the injustice.

— Kwon Mina

Following her posts, Mina shared two pictures of herself, sharing that she is more at ease now.

My mind is at ease. Now that the tension is gone, I’m sleepy.

— Kwon Mina

I slept well, but I must have fallen asleep on my forehead.

— Kwon Mina

Former AOA's Mina vs. Jimin's Bullying Allegations