Former AOA Member Mina Lashes Out At “Jimin’s Fans” And Calls Them Murderers

“Jimin’s fans” have supposedly been attacking Mina for ruining Jimin’s life.

On Instagram, former AOA member, Mina lashed out at malicious commenters she referred to as former AOA member, Jimin‘s fans, and called them out for being murderers.

| @kvwowv/Instagram

In a lengthy post, Mina addressed haters to came to her account and attacked her for “ruining Jimin’s life.

I really didn’t want to say this again, haters. But if you have warnings for me about what I did wrong, I’ll accept them. But if you’re going to come saying you’re her fans and say I ruined her life, just shut your mouths.

— Mina

| @kvwowv/Instagram

She then accused the haters of being murderers and detailed just how pained she’s been because of their Jimin.

When I think about those who suffered in your hands and even died, you’re murderers, too. Even without you people, I’m already having a hard time living as a mentally normal person thanks to one person, and she keeps popping up in my thoughts and dreams, so I can’t fall asleep. It’s so not fair.

— Mina

| @kvwowv/Instagram

Mina also expressed that all she did was tell the truth despite how horrible Jimin was to her.

I don’t know what kind of person you think she is, but to me, she’s even worse than what she did and said. I don’t know why she hated me, she n ever acknowledged her actions, or even apologized, and against her glaring eyes, I swore to my late father and her father and told nothing but the truth.

— Mina

But according to Mina, she’s full of resentment against Jimin.

She can’t remember, and she won’t acknowledge it either, so what am I supposed to do? Just because I met one wrong person, I have to live on meds, I break down sometimes, and I can’t even control myself. I want to pay her back even worse than what she did to me.

— Jimin

Mina even retraced her memory of when she first exposed Jimin, causing Jimin to pay her a visit herself.

What I think is the most unfair is the fact that I didn’t even gather all the evidence of what she did wrong and foolishly thought I could turn her around. But that day, I thought she would’ve had all employees recording us with her phone, so I couldn’t even cuss her out. Do you pity that person who actually did everything she wanted and abused her power? Is that why you resent me?

— Mina

She concluded by stressing that they don’t know how she felt after the 10 years of bullying she endured at the hands of Jimin.

I wish you could be in my shoes and suffer what I went through in her hands for 10 years. I’m suffering here, so don’t bring it up.

— Mina

Ahead of this post, Mina exposed Jimin for bullying her and accused her other members of being onlookers. As a result, Jimin announced her withdrawal from AOA and retirement from the industry, but netizens are now curious to know how Jimin is doing.

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