Former MOMOLAND’s Yeonwoo Finds The “Nth Room Sex Abuse Case” Offender On Her Instagram Followers List

She has now blocked the alleged account.

On March 23, 2020 KST, when SBS 8 News revealed the identity of the “Telegram” sex offender to be a 25-year-old Korean man Cho Joo Bin

… netizens immediately dug deeper and found what is allegedly his Instagram account. The handle @dpvlspvmfls, which in Korean spells out “epinephrine”, initially had over 6,000+ accounts on its following list — mostly female.

When one netizen found former MOMOLAND Yeonwoo‘s account being followed by this alleged account that belongs to Cho Joo Bin, she was immediately notified via DM.

Yeonwoo! The Telegram chatroom’s Baksa has been revealed to be Cho Joo Bin. And his Instagram account is following yours. I’m DM-ing you to let you know. @dpvlspvmfls is his handle!

— Concerned Netizen

Yeonwoo then responded to the DM in an Instagram story that the account has now been blocked. She wished her followers to be aware and careful of what is happening as well:

Don’t worry, he has been blocked! It’s not that I’m scared of him, but I don’t want anything to do with nasty people. Right? Be careful out there too, you guys.

— Yeonwoo

The alleged Cho Joo Bin account has since lost over 4,000+ accounts on its “Following” list, as a result of these accounts blocking him. Meanwhile, the “Telegram” case continues in investigation — with the police still on the search for more perpetrators and paid subscribers who got involved in this modern day sex slavery operation.

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Source: THEQOO and Kookmin Ilbo

Nth Room Sex Abuse Case