Former Produce X 101 Contestant Yoon Seobin In Search Of New Agency

He still dreams of making his debut.

Despite past controversies and being kicked out of JYP Entertainment, former Produce X 101 contestant Yoon Seobin is currently in search for a new agency.

Yoon Seobin previously appeared on the Mnet show and had attracted attention for his visual and his stable abilities. When past photos of him smoking and drinking underage started making their rounds, however, he was soon caught in a scandal. JYP Entertainment ended up letting go of the trainee for not meeting their standards, which caused him to withdraw from Produce X 101.

Yoon Seobin has since apologized for his past actions. Many old friends, teachers, and more have stood up for Yoon Seobin, trying to clear his name.

After being back in his hometown for a month, he is now searching for a new company to house him. It is reported that he is not looking for just idol training, but also for acting. Many wonder what agency will accept Yoon Seobin and how he will make his debut.

Source: Daum