Staff Member Attacks Lai Guanlin’s Character In Now-Deleted Post

The post has gone viral despite having been deleted shortly afterward.

Former Wanna One member, Lai Guanlin recently faced heated controversy after he was spotted smoking and spitting in the streets, which was followed by a fan account’s claim that he has a girlfriend.


But not long after Lai Guanlin’s handwritten apology, a netizen predicted to be a staff member shared a post attacking Lai Guanlin’s character.

Although the post was deleted shortly afterward, the content quickly spread on social media and the online community.

The netizen claimed that during the period in which Lai Guanlin was supposedly dating, he expressed his wishes to get married early during the interview and even showed up on set with kiss marks all over his neck and chest, which were later covered with a scarf.

Furthermore, the netizen made claims against Lai Guanlin’s lawsuit with Cube Entertainment in an attempt to terminate their exclusive contract due to unjust conditions.

Everything he said about how the contract was unjust were lies. The person I pity the most is the lawyer. They found out the truth during the trial. Why wouldn’t a Cube artist be allowed to be active in China? His lawsuit against Cube is all fabricated. Because it’s all a lie.

— Netizen

Lai Guanlin is currently in an ongoing lawsuit with Cube Entertainment after he accused the agency of selling his promotional rights in China to another agency without his consent and scheduling him for company-run events that conflicted with his other activities.

On the other hand, Cube Entertainment claims that they explained all schedules and contract conditions to Lai Guanlin and that they simply want a peaceful resolution.

Lai Guanlin is currently active in China under his own name through an agency he founded himself.

Source: Dispatch

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