(G)I-DLE’s Shuhua Receives Backlash For Messing Up During The MAKNAES Collaboration Stage

She addresses the hate comments.

The 2020 KBS Gayo Daechukje aired just a couple days ago and it was filled to the brim with amazing performances. One stage that had fans especially excited was the MAKNAES stage, which was a collaboration between IZ*ONE‘s Jang Won YoungOh My Girl‘s ArinITZY‘s Yuna and (G)I-DLE‘s Shuhua. While it was a beautiful performance, one member in particular is receiving backlash for her mistakes.


Arin, Yuna, Jang Won Young and Shuhua came together to perform Apink‘s debut song, “I Don’t Know”, which garnered heavy interest by netizens. (G)I-DLE’s maknae Shuhua, however, is receiving backlash for the number of mistakes she made during the performance. Netizens were disappointed when they saw the idol member messing up the choreography during the special stage.

During the performance, Shuhua can be seen messing up the choreography a few times. There was a moment during the dance where she doesn’t execute the correct arm moves and looks around trying to copy the other members’ moves. She tries to play it cool by compensating with a different arm move, but the confused look said it all.


During another part of the dance, she can be seen missing a step making it obvious that she was lost during that move. While the rest of the girls hopped with their legs together, Shuhua was the only member seen with her legs apart. She also missed the corresponding arm move during this part of the choreography.


Upon seeing her mistakes, netizens left some brutal comments such as, “seeing her mess up was distracting, it was an eye sore” and “it’s unfortunate that you can see how much she lacked in preparation for such a special stage.

Still from Shuhua’s V Live | V Live

After the performance aired, Shuhua took to V Live to address the situation and why she slipped up a few times.

We had a few team ((G)I-DLE) schedules at the time. We (MAKNAES) could only practice together once before we went straight to record for the broadcast. We didn’t have much time to practice but I tried my best.

— Shuhua

| Naver

During the busy season of the year, we can’t imagine trying to juggle numerous different schedules with multiple teams. We hope Shuhua doesn’t get too down from this. Watch the gorgeous MAKNAES perform Apink’s “I Don’t Know” down below!