Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Recently Started Dieting — Here’s Why, And What She Eats Now

No, it’s not just for health!

Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung is known for her skinny frame. Since debut, she’s never fluctuated in terms of weight. Her nickname was even “siksin”, which means God of Food, showing just how much she eats! However, she revealed through her YouTube channel that she’s started a new diet recently.

This is the first time in Sooyoung’s life that she’s dieting. The reason for the sudden diet was simple! Her new drama role required her to show some muscles, and the only way she could achieve that was through diet as exercise was not effective.

I’m doing a new drama recently and I have to look healthy on screen so I’m working hard at exercising. But no matter how much I exercise, muscles aren’t showing. So after talking with my personal trainer, we decided to go with losing some body fat instead. I have more body fat than what everyone thinks. The number is quite high, so it’s like being skinny-fat. So I’m doing a diet for the first time in my life.

— Sooyoung

She also shared one simple meal you could eat on a diet. She replaced normal noodles with tofu noodles and stir fried it with beef steak strips and spring onion. You may add condiments according to your tastes but Sooyoung added garlic and peppercino.

On the other hand, she’s slated for a new drama role opposite Ji Chang Wook in Tell Me Your Wish. She plays a nurse that meets Ji Chang Wook’s character while he volunteers at a hospice in order to get his life on track. We’re not sure how looking muscular relates to her role as a nurse but perhaps we’ll have to wait and see. Check out her diet story below.

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