The Givers Claims That ATTRAKT’s CEO Had Lied About Ahn Sung Il Being Solely Responsible For The Cancelation Of “Barbie Dreams” For FIFTY FIFTY

According to The Givers, ATTRAKT’s CEO lied.

On July 17, 2023, The Givers denied that Ahn Sung Il had been the one to cancel the filming of the music video for Barbie’s OST by FIFTY FIFTY. Previously, ATTRAKT had claimed that Ahn Sung Il canceled the music video project without the approval of ATTRAKT’s CEO, Jeon Hong Jun.

The Givers released Kakao Talk chat logs that revealed that Jeon Hong Jun had suggested the music video filming be canceled. He also asked Ahn Sung Il to agree to hush it up. The Givers claims that Jeon Hong Jun had received a proof of contents legal notification from FIFTY FIFTY on June 19, but asked Ahn Sung Il to try to persuade the members to proceed with filming. The next day, on June 20, Jeon Hong Jun allegedly notified Ahn Sung Il that the music video project would be halted. Here, Jeon Hong Jun allegedly hid the fact that he received a proof of contents from Warner Music Korea as well.

Recently, ATTRAKT CEO Jeon Hong Jun claimed that The Givers’ CEO Ahn Sung Ilarbitrarily carried out and canceled the Barbie OST “Barbie Dreams” MV project without his approval. However, CEO Jeon Hong Jun directly approved the filming of “Barbie Dreams” and made false claims even though he ordered the cancellation midway during the project.

It is extremely unusual for a global music video project to be canceled midway. This is because many partners collaborate and a lot of money is invested, which inevitably causes enormous damage. CEO Jeon Hong Jun forced CEO Ahn Sung Il to lie to the related companies and passed on the responsibility. We would like to reveal the facts surrounding the cancellation of the filming for the ”Barbie Dreams” MV.

— The Givers

The Givers released a Kakao Talk log of Ahn Sung Il planning the music video project and timeline. The date of message was June 9, 2023. Ahn Sung Il had met up with Atlantic Records during a business trip in March 2023, and obtained the project for FIFTY FIFTY. He reported the matter accordingly to Jeon Hong Jun.

I think it’s definitely the best to proceed with Barbie, so I’ll try to meet them and persuade them. I’ll talk with Aran.

— Ahn Sung Il

On June 20, Jeon Hong Jun had talked to Ahn Sung Il about the legal dispute, while calling off the Barbie project.

  • JHJ: The one who instigated the girls to leave the dorms… I’ll definitely find the instigator for the matter and make them take responsibility…! I’ll make them pay for damages and breaking the contract…[redacted]
  • ASI: CEO, are you really calling off the project? You’re not picking up the phone…
  • JHJ: Yes… It’s an important legal case so I think it’s best to settle it quickly.

The next day, on June 21, he instructed Ahn Sung Il to follow his planned excuse for the stop of the music video.

CEO Jeon Hong Jun, who needed an explanation of the situation to give to the involved parties in the United States, due to the sudden cancellation of the filming, ordered CEO Ahn Sung Il to falsely explain that one of the members had COVID-19. According to a call between Jeon Hong Jun and Warner Music Korea, he claimed that Saenz caught COVID-19, and that Aran had decided to take a break until July 14, due to gall bladder surgery. Jeon Hong Jun claimed that Ahn Sung Il was to blame for the matter, as he took the lead in the matter.

— The Givers

On June 21, 2023, the day after the filming was canceled, CEO Jeon Hong-joon again proposed to Ahn Sung-il that he kiss the CEO on the grounds that “the music video cannot be filmed due to the opinion of member Aran.”

  • JHJ: About the Barbie OST project. Say that it’s Aran’s wishes…that we can’t do it…and she’ll return on July 14.
  • JHJ: I think the only way we can both survive is if we quickly come to an agreement with the girls.
  • JHJ: If things get out… We can’t undo things then. We’ll only be left with scars.

The Givers concluded by requesting Jeon Hong Jun to refrain from passing on the responsibility of matters to The Givers and Ahn Sung Il.

Source: Theqoo