G.o.d Kim Taewoo’s Father-In-Law Accused Of Fleeing To The US Without Paying Off His Debt, Agency Responds

The #DebtToo movement continues.

G.o.d’s Kim Taewoo has become the next target of the so-called #DebtToo movement with his father-in-law being accused of fleeing to the U.S. without paying off his debt.


On December 13, a Blue House petition titled, “I reveal the fraudulent act of g.o.d Kim Taewoo’s father-in-law and his wife Kim Ae Ri’s father, Kim **,” by a person who claims to be a victim of “Mr. Kim.”


According to the petitioner, Kim Taewoo’s father-in-law, or Mr. Kim, borrowed money from the petitioner’s father as a means of investment for a nightclub that he was trying to buy 26 years ago. When the petitioner’s father rejected the request, Mr. Kim had allegedly asked the petitioner’s father to receive a loan using his house as collateral, claiming that his company would pay off both the principal and interest. The petitioner’s father succumbed to his request and received a loan using his apartment as collateral but the debt was never paid off.


The petitioner revealed that their house was eventually put up for auction and their family forced to move to their current semi-basement apartment in Mapo-gu, Seoul. Moreover, Mr. Kim had allegedly given the petitioner’s father 10 million won and told him that he would provide the rent money if he found a house with a deposit of 10 million won and rent of 1 million won. The petitioner’s family did as they were told but Mr. Kim did not provide the rent that he promised and instead fleed to the United States in the middle of the night.


The petitioner expressed his hopes that Mr. Kim would be punished for his actions and demanded that he sincerely apologize for his unkept promise.

“We want to punish Mr. Kim, who persistently committed fraud against us. Please sincerely apologize to my father. We hope to receive a call even if it’s through Kim Taewoo or his wife and if you are a decent human being, please keep the promise you broke 26 years ago.”

ㅡ Petitioner 


Netizens have been expressing various opinions with some showing compassion for the petitioner, taking into consideration how desperate he must have been to resort to using Kim Taewoo’s name.

  • “How desperate must he have been to mention Kim Taewoo to get their attention. [That man] is really a wicked crook.”
  • “How desperate must he have been to resort to this.”


Other netizens were tired of all the people demanding to be paid back by the celebrities just because they were a family member.

  • “Have we come to the point where even sons-in-law have to pay off debt for their fathers-in-law? It’s ridiculous.”
  • “It must be a sin to be a celebrity. Next time, third cousins of their in-law’s family will be petitioning to repay their debt.”
  • “You want to reach contact through Kim Taewoo? They’re damaging the image of celebrities when they didn’t even do anything wrong…It’s fine to get your money back but isn’t it wrong to damage other people in the process? It’s not like Kim Taewoo used that money together and it was his father-in-law’s debt 26 years ago…Are you kidding? They’re saying contact them through Kim Taewoo, but aren’t they suggesting that Kim Taewoo pay off the debt?”


Meanwhile, Kim Taewoo’s agency has since responded to the accusations clarifying that the case proposed by the petitioner did not involve Kim Taewoo’s father-in-law, but rather, an executive of his company. Moreover, they stated that the case has already been resolved.

“This case involved Mr. Kang who was an executive of Kim Taewoo’s father-in-law’s company, and not Mr. Kim. The petitioner’s father had sued Mr. Kang at the time and the case was resolved through negotiation between the two parties.”

ㅡ SOULSHOP Entertainment


The agency further explained that Mr. Kim is currently residing in Korea and has never fleed the country nor been sued for the issue at hand. Furthermore, Mr. Kim divorced Kim Taewoo’s mother-in-law in 1985 and did not even attend Kim Taewoo’s wedding in 2011.

“In addition, Mr. Kim is currently residing in Korea and has not fleed the country before. It has been confirmed that he has neither been sued nor pressed for this issue and can be reached at anytime. Kim Taewoo’s father-in-law divorced his mother-in-law in 1985 and did not even attend Kim Taewoo’s wedding in 2011.”

ㅡ SOULSHOP Entertainment


Despite the star’s irrelevance to the case, SOULSHOP Entertainment apologized for causing inconveniences and stated their intentions to actively cooperate to resolve the issue swiftly.

“The petition has come as a surprise amid the situation. Despite the exact account of the case, however, we once again apologize for causing the controversy. Kim Taewoo and SOULSHOP Entertainment will do our best to actively cooperate to resolve the issue amicably.”

ㅡ SOULSHOP Entertainment

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