GOT7’s Jackson Wang Isn’t “Challenging To Get A Date With” — Even For Non Celebrities

He’s so down-to-earth.

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang has remained booked and busy since the group’s departure from JYP Entertainment in early 2021!

From releasing visually stunning music videos that he writes and directs himself…

| Jackson Wang/YouTube
| Jackson Wang/YouTube

…to performing at the League of Legends 2022 World Championship opening ceremony alongside Lil Nas X, Jackson knows how to stay busy!

Jackson (right) and Lil Nas X (center). | @riotgamesmusic/Twitter

Most recently, Jackson completed three nights of packed shows in Bangkok, Thailand, as part of his Magic Man world tour.

During his time in the country, Jackson participated in a special interview with the popular WOODY FM radio show. He discussed many topics, including revealing when his last relationship was and where he sees himself in the next few years family-wise.

While talking about love with host WOODY, Jackson admits that he wants to be married before he turns 35 years old while also admitting that he had not dated anyone in a while. He also confirmed that no one has asked him out either.

WOODY then asks if it is “challenging for someone to go out with Jackson Wang,” to which Jackson answers that it is not.

Jackson further elaborates by saying that he doesn’t understand why people would assume that because he is a celebrity.

This is something I don’t understand. “Oh, but you’re a celebrity, you’re like—” I think it’s b*llshit”

— Jackson Wang

He continues by saying that being a singer or celebrity is just his job, comparable to being a producer, doctor or lawyer.

It’s just, it’s my job, it’s my occupation, it’s my role. It’s the same thing, like a producer or a doctor […]It’s the same thing. So I think, people tend to hype up celebrities a lot and I don’t roll like that.

— Jackson Wang

Jackson has a refreshing take on being a celebrity that is sure to land him the partner of his dreams, regardless of their occupation!



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