GOT7’s Mark Tuan Dropped A Spoiler Regarding The Group’s Comeback, But No One Noticed Until Now

BamBam’s not the only one after all!

GOT7‘s Mark Tuan dropped a spoiler regarding the group’s comeback a while ago. Yet, Ahgases are just now realizing!

Mark Tuan | Cosmopolitan

While BamBam is considered GOT7’s official “Spoiler King,” he is not the only one who has been releasing spoilers.

Recently, GOT7 officially announced their full group comeback with a self-titled EP for May 23 after much speculation.

Since the announcement, the group continues to tease Ahgases with additional announcements, including 2022 FANCON HOMECOMING with I GOT 7 and a full comeback schedule.

GOT7’s mini-album design is quite minimalistic, focusing on the group’s name and fandom color. The comeback schedule is the first implication of a concept.

Ahgases pointed out that the image appeared to be a building blueprint.

The teased photos of album inclusions only drove this theory forward more. Eagle-eyed Ahgases spotted more blueprint-like designs on photocards. And, despite being blurred, it appeared that the members were dressed in outfits resembling construction workers.

Construction is much more than a concept, though. It’s greatly symbolic of all the hard work the members have put in to “rebuild” GOT7.

Well, it seems like Mark Tuan actually had teased the construction concept for GOT7 before. Last month, Mark participated in an interview for Cosmopolitan as part of the Nobody Asked series in which the celebrity interviews themself.

| Cosmopolitan

During it, he revealed shocking truths, including that he once contemplated leaving a career in music.

After moving back last year, I really thought about just giving up and not working in music anymore…

— Mark Tuan

Similarly, when asked, “If you weren’t doing music, what would you be doing?” Mark revealed another occupation he had considered. He suggested construction as an alternative to office work, and Ahgases don’t think it’s a coincidence especially based on Mark’s expression during that moment.

I wouldn’t be able to work in an office for sure just because I can’t sit still. So, I think I would be doing something more hands-on.

— Mark Tuan

And although BamBam is the one with the reputation for spoiling, Mark actually happens to be quite bad at lying! The only thing that keeps him safe compared to others is that he tends to be generally quieter.

Previously, an industry insider via Joy News24 announced that GOT7 will be making their comeback as a full group in May and have recently started preparing for their promotions. Much to Ahgases’ delight, it was later confirmed by BamBam. This will mark GOT7’s first group release in 14 months, as the group released their song “Encore” in February 2021.

Watch Mark Tuan’s full interview with Cosmopolitan below:

Source: Cosmopolitan