Gugudan Sally’s Online Exchange With Sejeong Sparks Interest In Light Of Disbandment News

Maybe they already saw this coming.

In light of the devastating news that Gugudan will be disbanding after 4 years together, Sally‘s recent social media post is gaining attention.

| @sally_lxning/Instagram

Earlier this month, Sally took to her own Instagram account to post multiple posts that showcased captions that seemed to have foreshadowed the disbandment.

| @sally_lxning/Instagram



Her first post was a photo of a view outside a plane window along with the caption, “If time can go back to 6 years ago…

| @sally_lxning/Instagram


And in the following photo of another view outside a window, Sally added the caption, “I wouldn’t let myself regret…

| @sally_lxning/Instagram

What adds to the suspicion is the fact that Sejeong responded to the post with words of encouragement.

Let’s believe that you’re only here now because you were there at that time. We did a good job hanging on. Thank you, Sally.

— Sejeong

Ahead of this event, Sally sparked interest by talking about getting sent home by the agency following her appearance on Chuang 2020.

I’ve felt a huge difference in fame between the two known members and the rest of us. In early 2019, I was told to go home. When I asked when I should return, they told me not to. Other members got the same instruction. I tried to hang in there, but I ended up having to leave. I was afraid of my parents finding out.

— Sally

Following their appearance on Mnet‘s Produce 101, Sejeong and Mina gained particular love in I.O.I.

Gugudan was formed after I.O.I’s disbandment, but many noticed that Sejeong and Mina were still the most popular, so many wonder if the difference in attention ultimately led to the group’s disbandment.

Source: Dispatch


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