Gugudan’s Kim Sejeong Posts A Message On Instagram Following The Group’s Disbandment News

It’s beautifully written and heartfelt.

Just a couple days ago, girl group Gugudan shocked fans with their sudden disbandment news.

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While netizens saw it coming due to their long period of inactivity, it still sent waves of disappointment to all those who were rooting for the group. Member by member, the girls have been updating fans and relaying their gratitude to those who supported them. Kim Sejeong is the next member to communicate with her fans about the news, as she just uploaded a message onto her personal Instagram page.

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She shared two sweet photos of the group at a birthday party, where you can feel all the love pouring from the pictures. Along with these photos, Kim Sejeong took the time to share a lengthy message for her fans about her memories with Gugudan. Here is what she had to say.

My schedules have finally ended and it’s now that I get to look back and upload this for you all. I considered writing this in a handwritten letter but I decided to type it out on here instead. In 2014, I first entered the practice room and exchanged awkward greetings with my unnies. I remember the time when we tried to fit in with one another and one by one, we became a team. It’s been 6 years already.

— Kim Sejeong


Back in 2015, when the audition proposal for Produce 101 came in, I remember telling the producer ‘I’ve been preparing for debut with my unnies and I’ll be debuting with them soon so it’s okay! I don’t want to participate.’ I realized that at some point, I always believed deep down that I would start my journey with my members. I believed in our abilities and I always felt that all my members were amazing people.

— Kim Sejeong

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I remember the first time I entered the company as a member of the debut group lineup. I was just an ordinary student studying in the Department of Practical Music. I didn’t have the ability to dance, sing and to fit in with the girl group image. Of course, I was also a very stubborn adolescent girl back then. It was my members who changed my heart and who taught me the little things necessary for my life. One by one, they’re the ones who informed me and persuaded me. It was then that I realized that it would be fun to team up with the girls.

— Kim Sejeong


Hana unnie, she always led me and taught me all the little things when I was lacking in so many ways. I’m always sorry for not approaching Sojin and for creating a distance between us. To Nayoung unnie, she always knew what I was feeling even if I didn’t say anything because we got along so well. I was so young back then but I grew up a lot and the person who can recognize that the most is Hyeyeon.

— Kim Sejeong

Haebin unnie, who I looked to as my mentor, has always worked hard to understand everyone. I’m always grateful to Mimi unnie who always did her part as the oldest, whom I got close to a little too late and that kept a distance between us. I’m sorry to Liu Xie Ning (Sally) because I always thought your Korean was cute since you came from a different country. I realized I never recognized the deep hurt you may have received. To Mina, as the youngest you should have leaned on me and complained more but I wonder if I created a wall so you couldn’t do that.

— Kim Sejeong


Our team Gugudan will always be precious to me and I will never forget this team. Although the effect of the group’s name will disappear, the time we spent together and all the memories that we have will remain on one page so that we can cherish it forever. May this thought soothe our empty hearts. We had the same goals and dreams for the past 4 years and 6 months. For that, I’m always so happy and so sorry.

— Kim Sejeong

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To write down all the thoughts and memories into words would be too confusing. I don’t want to write anything that can be misinterpreted. I just want to say that it wasn’t anyone’s fault and that I’m sorry. I want to say that I am always sorry to my members but most of all, thank you. Even my family, they weren’t always on my side but they eventually opened up one by one. They believed in me and now they’re completely on my side.

— Kim Sejeong


To my beloved Dan-jjak (fanclub), I want to conclude by swallowing these apologetic words to say thank you and that you guys made me so happy. Let’s remember the happy memories forever. I love you Gugudan and Dan-jjak. (I wrote this all down in a hurry and that’s why it uploaded so late. I apologize if the spelling is wrong and if the content is messy. I’m sorry and thank you for reading this long post).

— Kim Sejeong

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This is such a beautiful way to thank her fans and members as their time in the group comes to an end. While it’s a disappointing way to conclude their activities, we wish nothing but the best for all the Gugudan members. We hope to see them in the future.

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