All Hints About BTS V’s Upcoming Album That ARMYs Think They Missed

He spoiled the most important part of this release!

BTS‘s V is finally venturing onto his journey as a soloist with his upcoming album LayoverBIGHIT MUSIC dropped the first teaser on August 8, and fans couldn’t be more excited for what’s about to come their way.

BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram

Unlike the other BTS releases, V’s teaser revealed quite a lot about the album, including the official track list, sneak peeks of the concept photos, possible photocards, and even the album’s packaging. Some even joked that the main character of this record is not V but his pet dog Yeontan.


While ARMYs were marveling at the intricate detailing that went into creating this album, some connected a few dots that made them realize V had spoiled multiple aspects of Layover not too long ago.

Firstly, he seems to have teased the album’s title track in a recent Instagram story. Last month, V posted a picture of a whiteboard with a list of relaxing activities written on it, which ARMYs took as him teasing RM‘s Instagram stories where he shares his workout routine for the day written on a similar whiteboard.

RM’ shared this workout routine the same day | @rkive/ Instagram

One of the things written on V’s board was “Dancing (slow).” It turns out “Slow Dancing” is the title track of his solo album, and fans are amused by how he spoiled it in broad daylight without anyone even noticing.

The animated teaser for Layover showed the album being delivered door to door in the form of a parcel package, standing out as a unique concept.

But it felt all too familiar to some ARMYs, who were reminded of the 10th Festa video of BTS. During one of the segments in the video, the members had to brainstorm unique anniversary project ideas to express their thanks to ARMYs. V had proposed that they promote it the old-school way, through physical ads in the mail that could be delivered right to the doors of the “muggles.” Though the idea wasn’t suitable for the Festa projects, it looks like V was able to execute it in another way!

Another day, another BTS member getting away with spoiling their future projects so blatantly! Meanwhile, Layover will be released on September 8, 1 pm (KST).