HyunA Reveals What Triggered Her To Tell The Truth About Her Depression And Panic Disorder

She was diagnosed 3 years prior to the public announcement.

Singer, HyunA recently made an appearance on MBC‘s Radio Star where she opened up about what got her to tell everyone the truth about her depression and panic disorder.

Just last year, HyunA revealed on her Instagram that she was diagnosed with depression, panic disorder, and vasovagal syncope back in 2016.


When asked why she revealed the truth to the public 3 years after her diagnosis, HyunA didn’t hesitate to share all the details.

I think it’s been 10 years since I had the disorders. And it’s been 5 to 6 years since I’ve been taking my medications without skipping any.

— HyunA

And she managed to hide it until one particular incident.

Hiding it from everyone was doable. But during an commercial filming, I collapsed. Not only did I have depression and panic disorder, but I was diagnosed with vasovagal syncope, too.

— HyunA

As a result of her condition, all the staff members had to halt their activities and go home as well, and that didn’t sit well with HyunA.

When I halted all of my activities and went home, I was more upset that I harmed other people than me fainting. That’s when I realized it was better to stop hiding why something like this happened and tell people the truth.

— HyunA

Just recently HyunA postponed her comeback due to her health condition worsening.

Here’s hoping HyunA takes good care of herself and returns when she’s all better!

Source: Dispatch