INFINITE’s Sungjong mesmerizes with blonde hair in MV teaser for comeback

INFINITE‘s Sungjong is up next to tease his fans with a short music video clip for the group’s full-scale comeback.

Sungjong has caused much hoo-ha for his recent blonde transformation, while deciding to keep his hair long. Most of the comments under the teaser video revolved around this topic; some mentioned his resemblance to SHINee‘s Taemin and NCT‘s Taeyong, while some were reminded of Sungjong’s blonde hair during “BTD” promotions back in 2011.

With Sungjong being the sixth member to have his individual teaser released, the only member left with his teaser unreleased would be HoyaWoollim Entertainment has been unveiling the 15-second teasers daily, from SungkyuSungyeolWoohyun, Dongwoo to L.

Not only were the videos uploaded on various SNS accounts, Woollim Entertainment has also made it more interactive for fans by making fans visit the group’s homepage. Fans would then have to solve a puzzle in order to obtain each member’s concept image.

INFINITE ONLY drops on September 19th.