INFINITE releases comeback teaser for Dongwoo

INFINITE‘s comeback is to occur on September 19th, and Woollim Entertainment has just released the fourth individual teaser for Dongwoo!

After grieving for the loss of his father due to chronic illness, Dongwoo rejoined the group in their summer concert on September 6 in Osaka after being absent from the tour in Tokyo on September 3rd and 4th. Although there were petitions from fans to postpone INFINITE’s comeback due to this unfortunate event, Woollim Entertainment seems firm on the comeback date.

Teaser images and videos of the INFINITE members for the comeback have been released daily starting with Sungkyu, Sungyeol and then Woohyun. INFINITE’s last Korean comeback was in July 2015 for the mini album Reality and they promoted the title song “Bad”.

Full scale promotions for this comeback will begin September 19th.