Jay Park Shockingly References Being Suspended From 2PM On Survival Show “Peak Time”

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun also joined in on the joke!

For many K-Pop fans and netizens, they will know Jay Park for his work as a solo artist.

Jay Park | @moresojuplease/Instagram

Yet, while most people know Jay Park as a soloist, it shocks many fans to know that he was once part of ∫YP Entertainment‘s boy group 2PM.

Jay Park (far left) was once part of 2PM | JYP Entertainment

Recently, Jay Park joined a star-studded panel of judges on the new survival show Peak Time. The show’s concept is based on giving groups that have disbanded or have not had many chances to promote a shot at gaining fans and increasing their popularity.

During the show, Jay Park gained attention after hilariously referencing his time as a member of 2PM.

Jay Park at the “Peak Time” press conference

Within the show, there were different categories for the participants. There was one for groups that had debuted, those who were not that well known, and those who were inactive idol groups due to various reasons.

During the first episode, host Lee Seung Gi explained that the winning team would be given a prize of ₩300 million KRW (about $234,000 USD).

Unsurprisingly, the amount even shocked the judges.

After hearing the amount, Jay Park hilariously believed that he could have a place in one of the groups as he explained, “I was put on pause a while ago, too. Can I join them over there?” Of course, he was talking about his time as a member of 2PM.

MC Lee Seung Gi seemed taken aback by the comment as Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun joked, “Jae Bom, you’re too old.”

Yet, while Jay Park didn’t directly mention 2PM, it seems like he didn’t have to wait long before it was mentioned by fellow veteran idol and Peak Time judge Kyuhyun.

In the show, each of the groups is named after a time during the day, and it meant that there was a group called “Team 14:00,” which is 2PM.

After the group introduced themselves, “We are PeakTime’s Afternoon 2 o’clock, 14:00!”

The camera shot straight to the judge’s table where Kyuhyun lived up to his hilarious “Evil Maknae” title as he turned to Jay Park and said, “Oh, 2PM.” 

Despite referencing the group earlier in the episode, even Jay Park seemed shocked about Kyuhyun’s straight-up mention of his former group. Unsurprisingly, the clip gained a lot of attention and views from netizens worldwide.

Jay Park originally debuted with 2PM in 2008 after filming an audition-type documentary titled Hot Blood Men. The documentary showed the members of 2AM and 2PM during their training days, where Jay finished first with the most fan votes. About a year after their debut, Jay Park was caught up in a controversy due to some old posts he made on MySpace while he was settling in Korea as a trainee.

After not much explanation from JYPE, Jay Park apologized for his past posts, withdrew from the group, and went back to his hometown Seattle. He later returned to the K-Pop scene as a soloist and created his own label, AOMG.

Jay Park (top middle) with 2PM | JYP Entertainment

Of course, it is refreshing that Jay Park can joke about what happened in the past, and it was the perfect place as he got the perfect reaction from the contestants and fellow judges.

You can read more about the show below.

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