A Nugu Group On Survival Show “Peak Time” Is Gaining Mixed Reactions From Netizens After “Dissing” Fourth Generation Idols In Their Performance

But the diss was made by a 4th generation group…

The new JTBC survival show Peak Time has only just started airing but has already become a hot topic amongst netizens!

The show’s concept is based on giving groups that have disbanded or have not had many chances to promote a shot at gaining fans and increasing their popularity.

A screenshot from the first episode of “Peak Time” | JTBC/YouTube

One group that appears on the show is NTX. The group debuted back in 2021 after being postponed due to COVID, yet they are still relatively unknown to many netizens.

During the recent episode, the group dubbed “Team 2:00” covered B.A.P‘s “No Mercy.”

NTX’s performance of “No Mercy” | JTBC Music/YouTube

| JTBC Music/YouTube   

Although their performance shined and the members of the group showcased their talent, they gained attention for the first verse of the song, where the members adapted the rap from the song for their situation.

In the opening rap, the lyrics were seemingly “dissing” fourth-generation idols and seemed hypocritical, considering that NTX debuted in 2021 and is part of that generation. The verse started, “Yo 4th generation, where did the music go in the idol industry?”

| JTBC Music/YouTube 

The group continued to call out the fourth-generation groups, seemingly accusing them of focusing on their image with choreography that is seemingly so simple that anyone can do it, even without any talent.

There are only kids who are busy looking in the mirror.
Dances anyone without talent can easily dance.


| JTBC Music/YouTube

In the final part of the rap, the group acknowledges that they are part of the fourth generation. Yet, the final line seemingly puts the group in a different category as they defined themselves as a nugu (a relatively unknown K-Pop group).

To the good-looking brother who says I am no different, alright.
How does it feel to get slammed by a someone nobody has heard of (like a nugu)?


| JTBC Music/YouTube

While many netizens loved the song’s arrangement and the group’s ability to make it their own, fans didn’t like the approach they’d taken to “dissing” fourth-generation idols. Others also defended the group saying it was just NTX’s take on the original lyrics and wasn’t singling any group out or even an intense “Diss.”

Considering the show is about more unknown groups showcasing their skills, NTX definitely caught the attention of fans with their cover. Although the lyrics probably weren’t written with malicious intent and are seen as tame, it isn’t surprising that they’ve gained attention.

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