Award-Winning 3rd Generation Idol Joins New Survival Show, Shocking Judges And Viewers

Fans were surprised to see this idol appearing on this show!

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On February 15, KST, the new JTBC survival show Peak Time, debuted its first two episodes. The show first attracted attention because of its star-studded judges’ line-up and the many familiar faces competing.


During the first episode, the groups were officially introduced as teams and given the chance to impress the judges with a cover performance.

As part of the show’s premise, each team’s name is not revealed until the finale or their elimination. Instead, they are called times on the clock, like 04:00 representing BXB. 


It was revealed that an additional team, 24:00, would be added to the competition for those who auditioned for the show as individuals.  One such individual shocked the judges and viewers with his appearance on the show!

B.A.P‘s Moon Jongup performed SEVENTEEN‘s “Anyone” and showcased his talent for everyone!

B.A.P’s Jongup | The Groove Company

Before ending activities as a group in 2019, B.A.P saw a great deal of popularity starting from their debut with “Warrior,” including winning several new artist awards with their debut and holding multiple world tours.

B.A.P | T.S Entertainment

Jongup made his solo debut in 2020 and has not released another album since his 2021 release Us. 

Following his performance, Jongup was added to the final 24:00 group, which includes former TOPPDOGG and XENO-T member Kim Byung Joo (known as B-JOO) and former B.I.G member Heedo.


Fans were excited to see the star join this show!

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