Jinni Was Edited Out Of NMIXX’s “MY FIRST MAMA” Video But Fans Found Her Anyway

Jinni’s face was seen for a short moment.

When JYP Entertainment announced Jinni‘s departure from NMIXX, they immediately began removing her from any upcoming content the group would release. This included erasing her from a YouTube vlog documenting NMIXX’s experience at the 2022 MAMA Awards (formerly known as the Mnet Asian Music Awards). They also took down all of Jinni’s old posts on the group’s Instagram, although her photos remain on the group’s official Twitter account.

NMIXX’s original seven members performing “Dice” at the 2022 MAMA Awards | Mnet K-POP/YouTube

Another official two-part vlog documenting NMIXX’s experience at the MAMA Awards was released on the M2 YouTube channel as part of their series MY FIRST MAMA, which focused on groups attending the ceremony for the first time. The video was also expertly edited to exclude all images of Jinni.

Zoomed in footage of NMIXX cropping out their former member, Jinni | M2/YouTube

Fans took it upon themselves to find any traces of the former NMIXX member in the vlog. Some found her cropped out on the outside of scenes.

Others caught glimpses of her in the background.

NSWERs, NMIXX’s official fandom, have kept their eyes peeled, hoping for any sign Jinni could rejoin the group. Sadly, given how Mnet also edited out Jinni’s part in the 2022 MAMA girl group collaboration performance, it seems her departure is permanent. Fans have taken comfort in finding moments the remaining girls take to acknowledge the group’s original seven members.

| Mnet K-POP/YouTube

Watch the full video of NMIXX’s MY FIRST MAMA below.


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