“Jinny’s Kitchen” CEO Lee Seo Jin Scores BTS’s V At 7/10 For Being “Slow,” ARMYs Couldn’t Disagree More

“BUT SIR? He has actually never been faster!!!”

In the latest episode of Jinny’s Kitchen (also known as Seo Jin’s), CEO Lee Seo Jin evaluated his hires based on their accomplishments since their “restaurant” opened in Mexico.

When discussing “intern” BTS V‘s skills, Lee had the cheekiest comment to share. While Lee started off with complimenting V’s diligence and hard-working nature…

…he soon made complaints about V’s (lack of) speed!

Producer: What are the pros and cons of intern [V]?

Lee Seo Jin: I think he gets work done. He’s hard-working. And from what I’ve seen, he has a growth mindset. He believes in putting in the effort. He’s diligent.

Producer: He’s diligent. I see. What are some cons?

Lee: He is frickin’ slow.


Scoring V’s internship performance at a 7/10, Lee poked fun at how “frustrating” the superstar intern makes him feel.

Lee: It’s frustrating…

Lee: Like it takes him ALL DAY to slice veggies.

Producer: What would be his evaluation score?

Lee: He’s about the same as the others. Around 7/10.

Following the episode, though, K-ARMYs flocked to online communities to discuss the one massive flaw in Lee’s understanding of V. Sharing a viral tweet of V being on a different dimension of time…

Taetae making a sandwich (2x playback speed)

— @Sv__________v2/Twitter

…hundreds of ARMYs—who have known about V’s speed for a while now—pointed out that “V has actually never been faster,” while cracking up at the endearing relationship that has developed between Lee and V!

| theqoo
  • “But I was impressed at how 5G our bear has been on the show! I was so proud of him for working on his speed. I can’t believe he called V slow, LMAO.”
  • “Yes, he is super relaxed until he hits the stage. On stage, he’s a different kind.”
  • “I’m glad ARMYs all felt the same. Watching the show, I couldn’t help but feel super proud of V for moving a lot faster. I was proud of him for working on his speed. Haha.”
  • “LMAO! But I’ve been watching all the episodes, COMPLETELY satisfied with how much speed V has picked up.”
  • “Haha. The sandwich clip is living PROOF that V is moving as fast as he can on Jinny’s Kitchen.
  • “BUT SIR? He has actually never been faster!!! T-T”
  • “So he moves at a much slower pace IRL. He’s working EXTRA hard on Jinny’s Kitchen.”

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Source: theqoo (1) and (2)

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