Jo Yuri Plays The Best April Fool’s Day Prank On Her Fans, Going From Idol To Merchandise Shop Overnight

She really went all out!

K-Pop fans are no strangers to April Fool’s Day pranks which include everything from BTS‘s constant taking advantage of the holiday to tease their fans.

Like this year how both BTS Jimin and J-Hope‘s antics left fans incredibly amused.

And fans themselves often try to prank idols themselves, like with BTS fans changing their Twitter profile pictures to Pokémon.

And unrelated K-Pop fansites posting new HD pictures of BLACKPINK.

But soloist Jo Yuri managed to both surprise her fans and make them laugh with her April Fool’s Day prank.

The former IZ*ONE member made her immensely successful solo debut with her single “Glassy” in October of 2021.

And to prank her fans, Jo Yuri made a pun out of her debut song’s name, changing her Twitter layout to look like she was a page that sold glasses. Making a pun with “#GLASSYCUP.”

She even tweeted a sales notice for her glass cups on her official account, very much in the style of pre-orders for regular K-Pop merchandise.

Fans couldn’t get enough of how Jo Yuri had made the transition from idol to glass cup seller overnight.

Jokingly celebrating it as another accomplishment for the idol’s already successful career.

Her fans joked that they were eager to see her next product.

And joked that the prank was the idol’s way of telling them that they were thirsty for her content, trying to keep her fans well hydrated.

But Jo Yuri’s pranks didn’t stop at Twitter; the idol took to the UNIVERSE app to pretend to be her fellow former IZ*ONE member Choi Yena.

Changing her name and icon on the app as well as her texting style to impersonate her friend.

Fans not only found the joke amusing but especially appreciated the adorable new picture of Yena.

And although Jo Yuri definitely had fun pranking her fans, she also gave them a lovely new song cover, giving her fans an extra reason to smile.

Fans were shocked by the idol’s dedication to the holiday.

And were surprised at how they fell for her teasing pranks.

Needless to say, Jo Yuri definitely had fun and certainly knows how to make her fans smile.

It’ll be interesting to see what pranks she tries to pull next year!

You can listen to her new song cover here.