JYP Entertainment Files 37 Cases For TWICE Regarding Malicious Comments

They will not show any leniency.

JYP Entertainment’s girl group TWICE, who has been dealing a long time with haters and malicious comments, revealed that they have filed a total of 37 complaints regarding this matter.

JYP stated, “Aside from malicious comments, we have also filed those that showed serious signs of defamation from blogs and online community boards that could damage the artists’ reputation. We will proceed with all possible legal action, including civil and criminal charges.”

They also emphasized that in the future they would be taking strong legal action without any leniency.

In the future, we will not take any leniency and take strong legal action toward those that continue to post malicious comments, spread false information, and damage the artists’ reputation.

-JYP Entertainment

TWICE has gone through many issues including Tzuyu being pushed, Nayeon‘s stalker following her, and Dahyun‘s passport being flashed to the cameras.

Fans hope that JYP will get down to the bottom of this and protect their artists’ at all costs.

Source: newsis