Kang Daniel’s Fans Celebrated His Legal Victory With The Most Heartfelt Event Possible

His fans organized this special event just for him!

Kang Daniel recently announced that he won his lawsuit against LM Entertainment that he’s been battling since the beginning of this year.


After a long battle, he hand wrote a letter to his fans for sticking by him during the difficult times. As a response to Kang Daniel, his fans decided to hold the most heartfelt event to celebrate his legal win!


Hundreds of fans gathered at the popular Samsung subway station to hand write supportive messages on post-its and post them all along a billboard that supported Kang Daniel during his legal battle. The billboard wrote, “Whatever path Daniel takes in achieving his dreams, we’ll be with him every step of the way.


As Kang Daniel once mentioned to his fans to “look after my neck”, fans humorously moved all the post-its on his neck to the side as a fun inside joke with Daniel.


The original group of fans who had paid for this billboard vowed to keep an eye out on the event to prevent any disturbances to other passengers in the station. They always had someone looking out for traffic control, possible inappropriate post-its, and made sure to tape each of the messages to the billboard to prevent any from flying away.

The group also claimed they will carefully remove all of the post-its once the billboard’s run-time is over and mail it to Kang Daniel to read.


After watching Kang Daniel fans’ devoted celebratory event, many netizens praised both the artist and the fans.


Thanks to such loving fans, Kang Daniel will definitely have all the support he needs to have a successful solo debut!

Kang Daniel vs. LM Entertainment