Kang Daniel Met The Little Girl Who Received Cochlear Surgery With His And DANITY’s Help

Kang Daniel was very happy to be able to meet her:

While Kang Daniel and DANITY always showcase their love for each other, they also share plenty of love with those in need too. Over the years, Kang Daniel and DANITY have donated to all kinds of good causes and relief organizations, and this year, Kang Daniel got to meet one little girl who received cochlear surgery with his and fans’ help.

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Last year, Kang Daniel donated ₩30 million won under DANITY’s name to Snail of Love, a foundation that supports and helps the hearing impaired. In response, fans also donated to the foundation under Kang Daniel’s name. Together DANITY and Kang Daniel raised a total of ₩99 million won (approximately $80,450 USD).

Snail of Love recently revealed that Kang Daniel had visited their office and met 2-year-old Kim Ji Yeon (a pseudonym). Kim Ji Yeon was diagnosed with suspected hearing loss and received a recommendation to undergo surgery shortly after she was born. She was the first child to undergo artificial cochlear surgery with the help of Daniel and DANITY’s donations.

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Through their meetup, Kang Daniel shared some extra love for Ji Yeon saying, “I hope Ji Yeon will be able to listen to sounds from now on and grow up healthy as a bright child.

Kang Daniel was able to express some extra love for Ji Yeon not only through a very sweet message to the little girl but also with some special gifts too! Daniel brought along some fun toys that produce a variety of sounds, clothes, and a copy of his CYAN album which he personally signed!

Ji Yeon’s parents, meanwhile, sent some love right back to Daniel saying, “Thank you not only for giving Ji Yeon the gift of sound but for also coming to see her. In the future, we hope that Ji Yeon can listen to your album after receiving rehabilitation treatment.

Image: @soree119/Twitter

Following the meeting, Kang Daniel and DANITY were honored through a dedication ceremony. Kang Daniel and DANITY are currently listed as Snail of Love’s “Soul Leader” and “Soul — The Fan,” titles that are automatically given to individuals and fandoms who have given support to the foundation with an accumulated donation of more than ₩99 million won.

And to further prove just how big his heart truly is, Kang Daniel expressed his happiness at being able to help thanks to fans during the ceremony.

I’ve very happy to be able to share and join in something meaningful, all thanks to DANITY. I hope many people will join sponsorship in the future to convey hope to children with hearing impairments.

— Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel and DANITY are showing once again that they have lots of love to give!

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