Kang Daniel’s 6-Year-Old Fan Wrote Him A Letter About His Depression, And Everyone Was Brought To Tears By It

Kang Daniel would surely be moved to tears as well.

After Kang Daniel went on a spree of messages expressing his deep hurt from the malicious comments and rumors, his agency recently revealed that he has been suffering from anxiety and depression.

He had since cancelled his schedules and was focusing on his health.


His fans overflowed with messages of concern and support, but one young fan’s letter caught the eyes of many as it soon went viral.


A 6-year-old fan hand wrote a letter to Kang Daniel, offering her most treasured items and an adorable vitamin attached to the letter. She wished he would regain his strength as she felt like her heart was “breaking”.

2019 December 4th

My mom told me that Kang Daniel oppa was caught in a lot of bad rain and he caught a cold and is very sick..

(Name omitted)’s heart hurts so much like it is breaking. I’ll give you (name)’s polka dot umbrella. When the bad rain comes, always remember to use it.

Eat vitamins and have strength!

From (name)

— Kang Daniel’s young fan


The young fan brought netizens and fans to tears as they praised her kind thoughts and generous heart.

This young fan’s heart is much better than the adults’. I hope the bad rain (malicious commenters) get punished! Have strength, Kang Daniel!”

“She’s better than an adult.. have strength Kang Daniel”

“I feel emotional after reading this 6-year-old fan’s letter full of her warm heart and support. I hope this letter warms Kang Daniel’s heart as well. I love you today too, Kang Daniel~”

“I hope he gains strength after reading this. I hope you only look at beautiful, pretty, and kind things while you’re resting.”

“This child’s heart is beautifulㅠ I hope Kang Daniel reads this and regains his strength”

— Netizens


Kang Daniel is reportedly preparing to comeback to his promotions soon, and let’s hope he remains energized and strong thanks to his devoted and loving fans!

Source: Seoul News

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