Kang Han Na And Kim Ji Suk Allegedly In The Running To Replace Lee Kwang Soo On “Running Man”

Who do you think will take his spot?

Running Man recently lost Lee Kwang Soo as a cast mate after he made the painstaking decision to leave the program after 11 years. While he takes the time to focus on prioritizing his health, fans of the show couldn’t help but be left heartbroken with the sudden news of his departure.

Lee Kwang Soo | Star Today

Just one month after the news of Lee Kwang Soo’s departure, an online community dedicated to the show uploaded a post titled, “2 celebrities who are in the running to become Running Man’s new member.” Naturally, this gained heavy attention due to the massive hole left by the former Running Man member.

The first contender that netizens believe may be in talks to replace Lee Kwang Soo is none other than actor Kim Ji Suk. The actor, who has impressed with his acting abilities time and time again has also impressed with his variety show capabilities.

Kim Ji Suk | Biz Tribune

According to the original netizen’s post, Kim Ji Suk’s name began circulating as the newest member as soon as Lee Kwang Soo’s news went public. While the netizen personally believed that that he was a random contender, they acknowledged the credibility of the Running Man online community by saying, “while it is random, there is credibility. Sometimes, there will be officials who say random things [on the online community] but they end up being correct.” 

Kim Ji Suk on “Running Man” | SBS

The next contender in the alleged running for Lee Kwang Soo’s spot on the show is actress Kang Han Na. Similarly to Kim Ji Suk, Kang Han Na has also been thriving as an actress, proving her acting abilities by being in consistent productions year after year. The actress was in Record of YouthStart-Up and will be in the highly anticipated K-drama, My Roommate Is A Gumiho.

Kang Han Na | iMBC

The actress also previously guested on the show and with each appearance, she gained love from viewers due to her natural comedic abilities. According to the original post, Running Man fans want Kang Han Na to be the new cast mate of the show, but acknowledge that it may not be likely due to her consistently packed schedule. However, according to the post, there are alleged reports being made that SBS funE has already started on a Kang Han Na Running Man special, potentially confirming these rumors.

Kang Han Na on “Running Man” | SBS

Both of these actors made strong impressions on Running Man viewers during their respective episodes, gaining positive attention from the public. As exciting as this news may be for Running Man fans, however, SBS nor the production team of show has confirmed these rumors.

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