KARA’s Gyuri Goes “No Bra” In A Livestream, Proves She’s An Unbothered Queen

It’s her world and we’re just living in it.

KARA member Gyuri‘s unbothered queen behavior isn’t new to K-Pop fans: Ever since her debut in 2007, Gyuri has been cool, confident, and carefree. And it seems, from KARA’s latest Instagram live, that Gyuri hasn’t changed at all!

KARA’s Gyuri | @gyuri_88/Instagram

Gyuri was hanging out with KARA fans alongside the maknae-line members, Jiyoung and Youngji. When Jiyoung pointed out how “cute” it is that all three of them were wearing button-down PJ tops…

Aw, how cute! We’re all wearing PJs with buttons!

— Jiyoung

…Gyuri gave out TMI that she wasn’t wearing a bra and caught the maknae members completely off guard. Even Nicole watching the livestream commented, “You’re amazing”!

Gyuri: I’m in “no bra.”

Maknaes: (The women were too stunned to speak.)

The maknae members tried to convince Gyuri to stay hinged—but unbothered by the chaos that ensued from her TMI bomb, Gyuri proceeded to open a can of beer that she had shopped from a convenience store mid-live. In fact, while Jiyoung was struggling with internet connection, Gyuri decided to take a peep at her package and threw Youngji for another spiral.

So what!

— Gyuri

As humorous as the whole situation had been, Gyuri is now being praised for smashing all the unreasonable expectations held against female idols.

For some reason, women going braless has been considered “controversial” in Korea for decades past. While the younger, more vocal generations are advocating for the female rights to dress (or not dress) in any way, nipples remain strictly against the social norm—especially for celebrities.

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So, though it might sound nonsensical, Gyuri’s announcement to have gone braless did risk being “too outspoken”—at least so in Korean culture to this day.

Yet, her unprecedented and unmatched attitude has been inspiring Kamilias for decades; And now, she’s working her magic with all K-Pop fans who can’t get enough of her “IDGAF” vibes!

| theqoo
  • “Goddess behavior, of course. LOL.”
  • “Nicole’s comment is taking me out. You’re amazing.
  • “Nicole, HAHAHA!”
  • “No bras in the house, for sure.”
  • “It’s the best feelings to go braless in microfleece PJs.”
  • “This is even funnier because of the maknaes’ faces. Hahaha.”
  • “How is she that elegant while being that hilarious? LOL.”
  • “She’s right. Who wears bras at home?”
  • “This is fricking hilarious, LOL. She’s literally enchanting.”
  • “Nicole’s comment, though. LMAO.”

Is it Gyuri’s world? Absolutely. And we’re thrilled to be living in it.

Watch the full live below.

Source: theqoo


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