Kep1er Fans Call Out WAKEONE, Frustrated By The Lack Of “We Fresh” Promotion

They believe WAKEONE is wasting Kep1er’s potential.

Since Kep1er was formed through Mnet‘s survival show Girls Planet 999, fans naturally feel invested in the success of the group they worked so dedicatedly to vote for. Unfortunately, despite the incredibly talented and passionate members of Kep1er, fans continually voice their frustration with WAKEONE for alleged mistreatment and poor management.

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In the past, fans have spoken up about WAKEONE’s treatment of Kep1er, including their styling, line distribution, and seeming lack of protectionΒ for their artists. There have also been frustrating moments for fans, like when Kep1er did a rooftop performance despite Mashiro‘s fear of heights

When Girls Planet 999 producers and Huening Bahiyyih‘s uncle had to address the malicious hate directed toward the idol…

Huening Bahiyyih | @official_kep1er/Twitter

Or when fans called out the extreme disparity in treatment towards Kep1er and TO1, another group managed by WAKEONE.

Fans were also vocal about their displeasure at Kep1er appearing on Queendom 2 as a rookie group, believing that it prevented them from having other activities that would have better helped increase their popularity.

Now fans are once again voicing their displeasure with how WAKEONE is managing promotions for the group’s latest comeback, “We Fresh.” Fans are pointing out that while Kep1er is actively promoting in music shows, there is an apparent lack of variety show appearances.

Generally, variety show appearances are essential for K-Pop idols as a way of exposing the viewers to a group’s talent and humor, and fans believe that Kep1er’s fanbase won’t continue to grow if they don’t have better promotions.

Instead, fans point out that WAKEONE seems to focus on Kep1er’s YouTube series, Kep-chup, and while fans enjoy watching the episodes, it isn’t viewed outside of the fandom. Similarly, even fans who like the content believe that the set and activities show that WAKEONE isn’t investing anything in the content.

Fans believe that WAKEONE is wasting Kep1er’s potential, which is incredibly frustrating to see, especially since Kep1er is a temporary group.

You can read more about fans’ frustrations here.

You can listen to “We Fresh” here.

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