Kim Eana Gushes About IVE Wonyoung’s Dedication To Maintaining Her Figure

Here’s how often she exercises.

Kim Eana is a famed lyricist. She wrote the lyrics for IVE’s hit song, “I AM,” and received great praise for the apt lyrics that seemed to tell the story of the members themselves. On a talk show with JYJ’s Jaejoong, she couldn’t help but gush about her recent favorite idol, Wonyoung!

The reason she was able to write such great lyrics suited for the group was simply because she watches many videos of Wonyoung as a fan!

Kim Eana on the show. | uhmg

Although she has never personally seen Wonyoung, they share an interesting fate together! Not only did she write the lyrics to IVE’s hit song, she also goes to the same gym as Wonyoung. It was then that she fell deeper for the star.

Wonyoung is known for her self-management. She’s been known to go for pilates on top of her insane schedule inclusive of dance practices. It is no wonder that she has abs to die for!

What shocked Kim Eana was how Wonyoung specifically made time to exercise at the wee hours of the day. She would exercise in dawn before her schedules. Wonyoung attends the gym around five times a week, an impressive number considering how busy she is.

We go to the same gym. But I’ve never met her. She comes to the gym early around dawn and leaves after exercising. She goes to the gym at least 5 times a week. She’s like the model student type of idol. I like people like that. After hearing that, I fell for her even more.

— Kim Eana

With all the effort Wonyoung puts in, she really deserves to be the generation’s it girl!