Kim Jong Kook’s Farewell Letter For Lee Kwang Soo’s Last “Running Man” Episode Creates A Sea Of Tears

“Please always be healthy, you troublemaker.”

On Sunday June 13, the cast of Running Man said their goodbyes as Lee Kwang Soo participated in his final episode with the variety program. The actor previously shared that he would be departing the show after 11 years with the program to focus on recovering from his ankle injury, which he sustained in a car accident back in 2020. The news came as a shock to Running Man viewers, as it came abruptly with no warning.

Lee Kwang Soo | SBS

As the show’s fans awaited the impending end of Lee Kwang Soo’s appearance on the program, the final episode with our favorite “giraffe” finally aired, leaving tears in everyone’s eyes. During one segment of Lee Kwang Soo’s farewell episode, the rest of the Running Man members prepared a letter for the actor, which created even more heartbreak. In particular, Kim Jong Kook‘s letter and departure gift has been garnering attention for its sincerity and warmth.

Kim Jong Kook, who is known for his masculine, tough personality surprised viewers with his dejected facial expression that he exhibited during this specific segment.

Kim Jong Kook | SBS

Along with a hand-drawn photo of Lee Kwang Soo, Kim Jong Kook presented a heartwarming, yet heartbreaking letter to his Running Man bud of 11 years.

Kim Jong Kook’s drawing of Lee Kwang Soo | SBS

I don’t what made it so fun. Even if we made eye contact, it seemed that we, who laughed endlessly, would last forever without any change. I always assumed that you Kwang Soo, of all people would be here until the very end so the sadness is even greater. While we may not be together at the end of ‘Running Man,’ I hope that we will be together, until the very end for the remaining years of our lives. Please always be healthy, you troublemaker.

— Kim Jong Kook

As Lee Kwang Soo read Kim Jong Kook’s letter, he couldn’t help but shed tears of sadness and gratefulness.


You can watch Lee Kwang Soo read all of the Running Man members’ goodbye letters on his final episode down below.

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