Korea Management Federation Steps Into Kang Daniel And LM Entertainment’s Dispute

They stated intentions to take strict legal action against any acts of “de facto power”.

The Korea Management Federation (KMF) has stepped into Kang Daniel and LM Entertainment‘s dispute.

The Korea Management Federation is registered as an organization of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST) which works for the fair and consistent development and coexistence of popular music.



On April 12, KMF released an official statement indicating that they are currently reviewing various reports regarding Kang Daniel and his agency’s dispute.

KMF is revewing the suspicions that are being raised from various places and the various reports that have consistently been submitted. If these suspicions on the malicious and illegal de facto power are confirmed to be true, we will hold (the parties) accountable based on all legal rights of our federation.



KMF noted the severity of the situation, explaining that the alleged malicious acts of power abuse can darken the future of the entertainment industry and damage the Hallyu culture. They concluded that they will do everything they can to restore a healthy environment in the entertainment industry.

Any illegal acts or influence that threaten both artist and agency exist will not be overlooked. Any cases that damage the foundation of the industry such as distorted claims or irrational requests without just reason despite a legitimate exclusive contract based on the Standard Excluisve Contract recommended by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism will also be strictly dealt with.

We, KMF, support a harmonious coexistence between agency and artist and sincerely hope that this issue is quickly resolved based on rational judgement rather than dispute and hostility. Moreover, we will do everything that we can to block damaging circumstances that lead everyone to destruction and restore a healthy environment in the industry.



Meanwhile, Kang Daniel has filed an injunction against LM Entertainment to suspend his exclusive contract. However, the claims of both parties have continuously been conflicting and recent reports have even noted the involvement of a mysterious Hong Kong agent.

Kang Daniel vs. LM Entertainment

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