South Korean Man Arrested In Singapore For Using Hidden Camera To Film Women In Public Toilet

He’s worked for the Singapore police.

From K-Pop idols to average citizens, hidden cameras are a danger that goes far beyond the confines of South Korea. In Singapore, South Korean man Gim Joo Hyung was recently arrested for installing a hidden camera to secretly film women.

Gim Joo Hyung | Desmond Ang/Singapore Ministry Of Home Affairs

Born to South Korean parents, Gim Joo Hyung is a Singapore resident who became a national serviceman (NSman) with the Singapore police and also served as a translator for the Singapore Police Force (SPF) for the 2018 Trump-Kim Summit. Despite earning those titles, the twenty-eight-year-old was caught in February of 2021 using a hidden pinhole camera to film women in a public toilet.

Public washroom. | Pixabay

On February 23, Gim Joo Hyung entered a women’s washroom and was “careful to ensure that the camera was properly concealed and not immediately visible,” said the Deputy Public Prosecutor for the case. After turning on the recording mode and leaving the washroom, it was soon discovered.

A twenty-three-year-old woman spotted the camera, took out the memory card to view footage of herself and two other women using the same washroom, and promptly notified the police.

Woman washing her hands. | Pixabay

Police acted quickly by confiscating Gim Joo Hyung’s laptop to discover he had downloaded nearly two hundred videos of similar footage along with roughly thirty upskirt videos. Gim Joo Hyung admitted using his cell phone to film upskirt videos of unsuspecting women in public since 2013.

Regarding the charges of the hidden pinhole camera, Gim Joo Hyung pleaded guilty to three counts of voyerism—out of the twenty-four counts considered during sentencing. The national serviceman was given twenty-two weeks for the charges but would’ve received more in his home country.

| Jason Quah/TODAY

In South Korea, those who have been charged with using pinhole cameras to secretly film women have been sentenced to two years in prison and under consideration for receiving as much as four years.

Source: The Straits Times